BlocqX And Blizzard Game Designer Launch the X NFT Collection

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BlocqX made it known to the public today that the company has been working towards an NFT project and a gaming experience with a devoted and completely interoperable Metaverse since January 2022.

Various skilled game and VR designers, blockchain developers, and professionals from the Ad tech, Data, and Marketing industries collaborated to build the project.

About the X NFT Collection

The X NFT is an immersive VR experience that is built on the Unreal 5 engine. It will also allow holders to be their NFTs and develop with it as time progresses through continuous gameplay and character engagement.

The X NFT collection is a merger of history, gameplay, digital assets, and virtual activities. It is the brainchild of Dan Diallo, former Activision Blizzard top game designer– Dan Diallo also known as Lt Dan.

Lt Dan in a statement said that he has dreamed of being a game designer since he could move his thumbs.

He added that the X NFT is the realization of his dreams and that he would not be more honored to have collectors of like minds with the same value and love for history and gaming.

The NFT collection features ten legendary collections which include Leonidas, George Washington, Sitting Bull, and Joan of Arc.

The developers hand-picked each of the land commanders for their achievements in both web3 and web2 space. All the legendary commanders bought their NFTs for a minimum of $25,000.

Also, there will be a total of 6,500 Generative Legionnaires within the range of the rare and ultra-rare characteristics of the nine legendary commanders.

Certain characteristics can make the legionnaire NFT more valuable and will provide special VR/AR experiences, airdrops, and extra utility throughout The X MetaFort.

Benefits of Holding the X NFT Collection

The X NFT collection holders will have exclusive access to partake in the evolving Meta Fort web3 ecosystem filled with Events, Training, Lifestyle, and Education with the industry and experienced leaders.

Also, the holders have the chance to participate in the Quest to find a particular legendary commander digital asset that opens a war chest loaded with a bounty worth $150,000 in Loot, Crypto, and Cash.

The X NFT has a growing list of partners and suppliers that include top weapon producers like FK BRNO, and SYNDICUS.

The X NFT collection Big Daddy unlimited presale will begin on the 28th of August 2022 at 6:30 pm EDT with 1,500 legionnaires offered to the exclusive Big Daddy White List.

Those on the whitelist will have a savings of $200, a pre-mint bundle worth $500, and other added values for being the first to mint.

The CEO and founder of Big Daddy Unlimited– Tony McKnight– in a statement said that the company is thrilled to be part of the historic moment and they will work hard to give their 2A family extra value and something special that Is exclusive to them.

It is important to note that the minting of the NFTs is based on first come and first serve.


BlocqX is an innovative environment for decentralized activities that consist of skilled investors and innovators in web3 and Blockchain technology.

The CEO and Executive producer at BlocqX– Sean Marra– had to keep the project under tight wraps till it was time to release the first phase– The X NFT collection.

The CEO added that the company believes that the X NFT collection is a major step toward the growth of the  Blue Chip NFT so they took a completely different approach to how they launched this collection.

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