Blowfish launches Epic Phantom Galaxies Governance Token

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Phantom Galaxies, a shoot-em-up game, has reached a massive milestone in its development. Its critical $ASTRAFER governance and utility token will start trading on the Quickswap exchange.

This long-awaited $ASTRAFER token will be the backbone of the Phantom Galaxies’ economy. It will also allow players to trade and mint NFTs within the game. The “Thermopylae” Poster-3 NFT is the first set to be released, and users can exchange it for exciting in-game items.

Phantom Galaxies is the first big blockchain game from Blowfish Studios since Animoca brands, a big name in the industry bought it over. This is a significant change for the company as Animoca looks to enter the console market. It will also make an elegant and beautiful mech-fighting NFT game and an economy powered by blockchain.

The game has come a long way in the past few months, and it is now in its public alpha phase. Next, though, fans can get ready for their first chance to make money with the “Astrafite Rush” event, which will happen later in July.

Last year, Animoca and Blowfish launched the AAA Blockchain Game.

The blockchain gaming giant Animoca Brands launched its first project with Blowfish Studios on the 29th of September, 2021.

Phantom Galaxies is a beautiful third-person action RPG with a shared world. It’s a triple-A game for the blockchain generation because it has high-resolution graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and vivid action scenes. 

In July of 2021, Animoca Brands paid a cool $6.6 million for Blowfish to break into the mainstream gaming market. 


ASTRAFER is the governance and utility token of Phantom Galaxies’ game universe. Players will get ASTRAFER as a reward for completing a mission or trading items. ASTRAFER tokens are allocated to planets and asteroids. Players use ASTRAFER to improve Starfighter mechs, run galactic organizations, and build corporate empires.

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