BTC Peers Launches the ZunaNauts NFT Project to Reward Smart Investors

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ZunaNauts is an NFT project that seeks to reward those investors who believe in the NFT project. The team behind the project consists of crypto enthusiasts and business experts.

About the ZunaNauts NFT Collection

The ZunaNauts NFT features a limited edition of 1969 astronaut collections. Therefore, investors should hurry since there is a limited supply of the collection.

Furthermore, the project team always has the NFT holders in mind and they ensure that they create new utilities that will serve as rewards to the holders of the coin.

Additionally, the team also aims to grow the number of holders and make them understand why they should choose Zuna.

There are varieties of rewards available for the holders of the NFT collections. Owners will receive $ZUNA i.e the amount of $ZUNA a person will get depends on the number of ZunaNauts.

ZunaNauts NFT Collection Available for Sale on

Interested buyers can purchase the ZunaNauts NFT on the marketplace using WBNB. 

Holders also have access to rewards on the marketplace and this depends on the number and type of ZunaNauts they own.

The best strategies available are to purchase the largest NFTs or have more in your possessions. There are no limits to the number of NFTs that a person can hold.

Also, the marketplace rewards holders each time a person makes a purchase using BNB.

The release of the second phase of the NFT collection will take place 2 to 3 weeks after the release of the first phase.

Categories of Rewards Available for the NFT Collection

There are various rewards available for the holders of the NFT collection:

  • Captain: A total of 165 billion ZUNA each month for one year and 2% of the ZunaVerse NFT marketplace reward pool.
  • Commander: A total of 80 billion ZUNA each month for a year and 0.8% of the ZunaVerse NFT marketplace reward pool.
  • Lieutenant: A total of 7 billion ZunaVerse each month for one year and 0.04925% of the ZunaVerse NFT marketplace reward pool.
  • Officer: A total of 3.5 Billion ZUNA each month for one year and 0.02% of ZunaVerse NFT Marketplace Reward Pool
  • Cadet: A total of 1.8 Billion ZUNA each month for one year and 0.01% of the ZunaVerse NFT Marketplace Reward Pool
  • Recruit: A total of 1 Billion $ZUNA each month for one year and 0.0004% of the ZunaVerse NFT Marketplace Reward Pool

What Makes the ZunaVerse Marketplace Unique

The ZunaVerse is among the first marketplaces to be listed on Binance. It offers different features and benefits that make it one of the best places to buy and sell NFTs.

Listed below are the qualities that make the ZunaVerse marketplace unique:

  • There is a built-in Zuna auto buyback system that makes use of 2.5% of all transactions to buy back ZUNA automatically.
  • The use of ZUNA as a unique form of payment to gain access to exclusive features for artists and prospective buyers.
  • There is also a lower cost of transactions and speed for those who pay with ZUNA.


ZunaNaut, an NFT collection created to reward all its investors. The platform has features that allow for easy trading of NFTs.

The project team also comprises professionals with experience who are thrilled about the future of the project.

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