Bulgari Partners with Luxochain, Polygon, and Temora to Release Jewellery NFT Collection

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Bulgari, a Roman jewelry store, just announced a partnership with Luxochain, Polygon, and Temora to release its first NFT “Beyond Wonder”. The NFT comes with features of emerald and rubies inspired by its jewelry collection.

Bulgari New NFT Collection: Beyond Wonder

Beyond wonder is Bulgari’s new NFT collection which recently launched in Paris. The Luxury brand launched the hight Jewel NFT creation with top brands such as Luxochain, Polygon, and Temora.

The NFT artwork is an intangible piece that goes beyond materiality to show the connection between creativity and an unlimited world of digital technology. 

Furthermore, beyond wonder comes with two outstanding jewelry masterpieces namely: Ruby Metamorphosis and Emerald Glory necklaces. And Bulgari also plans to sell the NFT together with the physical version of the necklaces. Because, this will create a unique interplay between the physical and digital world.

It is important to note that the digital version of the two necklaces are not replicas for the metaverse. However, they are digital artworks prompted by the physical version of the necklace.

Bulgari’s Collaboration with Other Top Brands in the Digital Space

Bulgari collaborated with top brands such as Luxochain, Tamera, and Polygon to create the NFT masterpiece “Beyond Wonder”.

Luxochain, a Swiss company situated in Lugano with expertise in blockchain technology is responsible for minting the NFTs. One of Luxochain’s goals is to increase the transparency and sustainability of the luxury market, protect users as they purchase their products. And also create awareness for luxury brands while providing them with useful ideas for their customers.

According to the CEO of Luxochain, Davide Baldi, the company is very proud to partner with top players on the international scene. He also added that the partnership will help the company achieve its commitment to protecting the reputation of brands and the authenticity of goods.

Polygon, on the other hand, is a top-ranking platform for Ethereum scaling. And it is responsible for providing technical support for Luxochain.

The co-founder of Polygon, Sandeep Naiwail, also said that Polygon and Polygon studios are proud to be pioneers of the new NFT standard to strengthen authenticity in the luxury sector.

Tamara is also a brand signed exclusively for the fashion and luxury industry. It functions to provide a digital experience for the NFT collections.

The CMO of Temera, Guido Mengoni” also considers it an honor to partner with Bulgari. He said that the concept of the digital twin NFT makes the company more proud.


Bulgari is now on the list of fashion brands that is venturing into the NFT space. And the creation of the beyond wonder NFT will serve as a stepping stone to increase its presence in the digital space.

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