Bullieverse Releases a New NFT Marketplace Pioneering an eBay Style Unbundling

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Bullieverse – a web 3.0 gaming platform– just launched a digital collectible marketplace that runs in Unreal Engine. This will enable users (Bullievers) to buy and promote their NFT and other items on the platform.

Details of the Bullieverse NFT Marketplace

Bullieverse just launched a new marketplace that will allow community members to easily trade their NFTs– “Resident of Bulliever Island”– and other in-game assets on the marketplace.

Currently, Bullieverse is creating a series of web 3.0 games and will soon release the expected digital collectible marketplace.

The marketplace will offer users the opportunity to buy and promote items. And to also take part in activities with the Bullieverse ecosystem.

Also, the digital collectible will showcase some of the parts of the business model. And they will only work in the internal marketplace.

For Instance, the holders of digital collectibles will improve the quality of their collectibles by taking part in activities of the quality ecosystem.

This is known as ” Upgrading” NFTs. And the upgraded NFT increase in value faster within the ecosystem. And therefore there are more treasured in the secondary market.

Other secondary marketplaces like Opensea do not provide exclusive features that will enable holders to get the value they have gotten through their efforts.

Are Primary Marketplaces the Solutions to Decentralization and IP Protection of NFT-based Web 3 Projects?

eBay conquered the marketplace in 2013 with a Gross Market Value (GMV) of $80 billion. But other primary marketplaces such as Esty, Zillow, and Airbnb arose which borough eBay’s GMC down to

$30 billion.

This trend has continued in the marketplace as investors are migrating from secondary marketplaces like opensea as specialized marketplaces with highly curated NFT collectibles are starting to spring up.

It also does not seem right to put high generative NFT artworks with derivative NFT collections.

According to the co-founder and CEO of Noah labs (Creators of Bullieverse)– Srini Anala– They have built a marketplace that rewards the community for purchasing and selling in-game assets.

He added that it is cheaper and is exclusively created to meet the needs of the gaming community while generating income for Bullieverse DAO to advance the gaming economy.

About Bullieverse

Bulliederse is a Metaverse platform that brings NFTs to life through a gaming experience supported by Unreal Engine.

The platform is expanding continuously and new players are becoming part of the community, developing games and in-game assets. Furthermore, this has led to transparent incentives that align with the ethics of web3.0.

Bullieverse had its Bull sale on Opensea and it featured unique gaming experiences.

After the release of their first game “Bear Hunting” which had a play-to-mint feature and went live earlier this year, the platform is also launching another game known as Necrodemic.

With this, Bullieverse has emerged as the first web 3 gaming platform to launch two NFT game blockbusters consecutively.

In the Bear Hunt, the 10,000 COBI NFT collections come alive in-game as the players play the game with their 3D avatars called COBI BULLS.

In the Bullieverse marketplace, users will carry out transactions using the native token of the platform, BULL, which will create more utility for the BULL token and the ecosystem as a whole.


Bullieverse is the pioneer in unbundling web 3.0 digital collectible marketplaces by incorporating the components of the business model.

Also, via the Bullieverse DAO, Bullieverse will be a community-owned Metaverse and the holders of the BULL will have the right to make decisions for the progress of platforms.

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