Burberry and Mythical Games Launches New NFT game.

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Burberry – a British luxury fashion branch– and Mythical Games just announced the release of a new NFT collection with the flagship title– Blankos Block Party.

The new partnership between Burberry and Mythical Games will introduce a playable character

The NFT features a character that looks like Minny B. The Minny B will be the next Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)  Game playable character.

Burberry had partnered with Mythical Games in July 2021 to introduce an open-world game – “Blankos Block Party”. This also led to the release of a brand of NFT collection called Sharky B and Minny B this year.

More About the New Game Character – Minny B

The Minny B character is an avatar that appears like a magical unicorn. Burberry says it is a gentle character that has the design of TB summer Monogram.

It has a spiral horn, and a pair of wings, and it comes with a range of digital accessories such as necklaces, Burberry boxes, horseshoe, and TB sliders that players can add to the avatar.

The Blankos Party will release its new NFT collection soon. And prospective buyers can purchase the NFT collection as an in-game on “Blankos Block Party”.

The holders of Burberry’s first NFT– Sharky B– will also receive an NFT airdrop in the form of a stylish NFT hat.

In 2021, Burberry also released 750 Sharky NFTs with minted jetpacks and shoes for players of “Blankos Block Party”.

The release of Burberry’s new NFT and its combination with mythical games will help increase its global presence.

Furthermore, the VP of Burberry’s Channel innovation –Racheal Waller– in an interview said that she was dazed by the enthusiasm she saw at the release of the ” Blankos Block Party” NFT.

Although critics said the avatars were majorly for males, Waller argued that she has seen females interested in the game.

A lot of fashion brands are now investing in blockchain games. For example– Nike bought RFKT studio in 2021, and Gucci purchased land in the metaverse called “Gucci Town” where individuals will have the opportunity to play games, take selfies, and buy NFTs for their avatars.


There is no doubt that Burberry knows the importance of moving fashion into web 3.0. Through its collaboration with web 3.0 gaming companies, it will opportunities for fashion industries to thrive in the future.

Rachel Waller also said that the Metaverse is an opportunity for them to flex their imaginations and connect with customers. She added that the Luxury industry is built on Fantasy and expression so gaming can bring such dreams to life.

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