Caduceus Partners With Lord Botham to Launch NFT Collection 

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Caduceus– a blockchain company dedicated to the Metaverse recently announced its collaboration with Lord Botham – a sports legend based in the UK to launch a new set of NFT collections on the light cycle platform.

Lord Botham Plans to Introduce Cricket to the Metaverse by Launching NFTs

Lord Botham is one of the best English cricket all-rounders, and well revered as a sports commentator and a fundraiser for charity organizations.

His dexterity and uniqueness in the game have not only earned him the title of a field star but have also made him a top-ranking personality in sports.

Now, he has showcased his intention to be the first to take cricket to the Metaverse by releasing his NFT on Light Cycle.

The light cycle is the first 3D Metaverse platform that provides users with an experience and gives them a chance to interact with the brands and celebrities that they love.

Ian Botham popularly known as “Beefy” intends to give his followers access to his legacy by providing them with outstanding utilities.

About The Partnership between Caduceus and Lord Botham

After researching for some time now he finally decided to partner with Caduceus to release his project.

Lord Botham will begin with the launching of an NFT collection that will give fans access to the world of “Beefy” like they have not experienced before.

According to Lord Botham, just like most people, he has heard a lot about the Metaverse and NFTs, he did his research and he is thrilled to launch his “Botham Beefy” NFTs.

He also said that the new NFT collection is on the Caduceus blockchain and that he has tutorials that will help educate fans and provide them with a unique user experience. He added that he is excited to take cricket to the Metaverse.

Furthermore, the collaboration between Lord Botham and Caduceus will be of great benefit and will surpass the conventional system of selling and collecting NFTs 

The partnership will introduce a new breed of young cricket players to the Metaverse and will also make those that have already invested in the Metaverse know about cricket.

Also, there will be a connection between the audience and an additional benefit of education and gaming experiences for fans to make the journey more thrilling.

The CEO of Caduceus– Tim Bullman– expressed excitement that Lord Botham and the Light Cycle team chose to partner with them.

He added that the Caduceus blockchain has many USPs. And the NFT collection will be listed on the Light Cycle platform which Caduceus will power.


Lord Botham has just taken a huge step to introduce Cricket into the Metaverse. This will display the potential of web 3.0 and its numerous possibilities.

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