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Brian Kelley, a big name in country music, and his wife Brittney Kelley have put out a collection called Chill Cowboy Country Club NFT. This collection is for fans who like country music. The limited NFT collection of 6000 has some knee-slapping features and can be made on their site.

Parker McCallum launched a fanbase NFT collection in December of last year, but he wasn’t the first country star to do so. Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line has bigger goals.

McCallum told Blockster in an interview that as they learned more about Web3, they realized they could use it for more than one project. He said, “We learned very quickly that it makes a lot of sense to combine that with a high-utility project and platform.”

He goes on to say; 

“We want to build a great community full of dreamers, schemers, people who love life and music, and business owners. A community that uses web3, blockchain, and other technologies because that’s the way of the future.”

Brian and Brittney Kelley believe that their country music NFT collection is different from anything preceding it.

Brittney Kelley talked about connecting people who have similar interests. She said, 

“It’s about bringing the fans together as a group. Fans tend to stick to communities of their favorite artists, and I think this is one of the first clubs where fans, songwriters, music industry people, and artists all come together.”

The club will have both learning and fun parts, and it will be a safe place for fans to learn more about Web3.

The Country Club for Chill Cowboys (CCCC)

The team says that the project will be the best country music fan club ever. The CCCC was built on the Ethereum blockchain, and it has 6000 unique NFT cowboys and cowgirls that are made up of more than 260 traits. The collection was made by the artist Benedict Aiteobhor.

The CCCC NFTs all cost $500, and there are three levels: General Admission, VIP, and Legendary. Each buyer has the same chance of getting a collectible from a higher tier.

Fan and Community Utility

The prizes for Chill Cowboy Country Club NFTs are very good. First, they get tickets to Chill Cowboy Fest, a country music festival that’s only for them.

Other benefits include exclusive access to unreleased music, backstage videos, and IP rights to your Chill Cowboy NFT artwork.

Other cool perks include being able to talk to and “virtually rub shoulders” with your favorite country stars and music industry insiders, going to real-life and virtual concerts, wearing designer clothes that are only available to members, and hosting parties for other people.

With all of these tools, they hope to attract country fans to Web3 and build a community of country fans.

The Cool Festival

Only fans who have the NFTs will receive VIP access to the next Chill Cowboy. Chill Fest will be a party that fans will help plan once a year.

The festival will feel like a high-end country club with “music, brands, and immersive experiences.” There will also be other country music stars and big names at the fests.

Tim Rice, Jep, and Jessica Robertson from Duck Dynasty, Drake White, Tyler Braden, Liz Rose, and Chase Rice are also part of the project.

After the first drop, CCCC will release a dashboard that allows NFT holders access to benefits like concert tickets.

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