Coca-Cola Launches NFT to Mark International Friendship day.

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To celebrate “International Friendship Day 2022,” Coca-Cola released a new collectible set of unique Coca-Cola NFTs stimulating fan excitement once again.

Adding NFT sparkle for customers who are loyal to the Coca-Cola brand

Pratik Thakar, Head of Global Creative Strategy, said this as a way to thank Coca-Cola fans who had already joined the company’s progressive adoption of all things related to Metaverse-influenced iteration:

“International Friendship Day, which started our journey through the metaverse in 2021, is the perfect chance to thank and celebrate fans who have joined us at a major milestone.”

Coca-Cola NFT released on the Polygon blockchain using the Ethereum scaling solution. The unique fizz in a Coca-Cola bottle inspired the design. The NFTs were sent for free to the digital wallets of people who already owned them.

The NFTs have themes of friendship and unity, which is in line with the company’s promise to support different causes and community groups. For example, in honor of Pride Month, South African designer and LBGTQIA+ activist Rick Minsi made 136 unique collectible NFTs.

The company has also made it clear that it cares about equality in the workplace. In a recent statement, the company said:

“The Coca-Cola Company is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion through its workplace culture, community partnerships, charitable giving, and policy advocacy.”

They want to use the continued commitment of their brand’s iconic assets to blockchain and metaverse technology to celebrate parts of all of the above.

Migrating Toward a Virtual World

The fact that one of the most well-known brands in the world is getting involved in the early stages of the metaverse shows that this space has a lot of potentials. With a brand value of more than $40 billion, you might think they would be happy to play it safe and stick with the tried-and-true marketing and advertising methods that have worked for them so far. But this is not the case.

Instead, the company has realized that virtual Coca-Cola collectibles are the way to go. The NFTs Coca-Cola have released so far is just the start, and the company has said that they plan to keep going in this direction with energy and, of course, more NFTs.

Coca-Cola Launches The Real Cola’s Magic Campaign

Coca- launched its “Real Cola’s Magic” campaign last year. In a press release at the time, they stated that the “Real Magic” brand philosophy is based on the idea that magic happens in unexpected moments of connection that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. This is a timeless idea that seems more important than ever in today’s world, which is more connected than ever but also more divided.

The company has added images from a wide range of photographers, artists, and illustrators from around the world to its website. These virtual Coca-Cola experiences help them build their brand for the future and explore new worlds.

According to Rapha Abreu, the company’s global vice president of design; 

“This is the most varied visual representation of the Coca-Cola brand in our history, and the metaverse is the best way for the company to do this.”

Fans will be able to win unique prizes by finding hidden codes and entering them on “microsites” for Coca-Cola. They’ll also win a piece of one of the largest prize pools of Bits, which are mostly to cheer on Twitch streamers.

The bottle is open.

Last year, the winning bid at Coca-NFT Cola’s online auction was a staggering $575,883.61. The funds raised went to the Special Olympics. Coca-Cola has been working with the Special Olympics for a long time. Coca-Cola is making connections with major players like Virtue and Tafi, who are all important parts of the Metaverse, which is growing all the time. So, the company isn’t saying exactly what they have planned for the next stage of their NFT love affair. This might be so they don’t tip off their rivals at Pepsi, who joined the bandwagon last year. However, we’ll soon see some exciting things from Coca-Cola in both the real world and the rapidly expanding Metaverse.

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