Coinbase NFT goes live in Beta

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US based fortune 500 crypto exchange, Coinbase has launched its NFT marketplace Coinbase NFT. The crypto exchange launched the beta version of the Web3 social marketplace for Non-fungible tokens that has been in the works for some time now.

Coinbase NFT Goes Live in Beta

The released NFT marketplace which can be assessed at takes users through the vast collection of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Beta testers can now create a profile that will enable them trade NFTs with a self-custodial wallet. Additionally, users will not pay the usual Coinbase transaction fees when trading with the platform.

Advantages of the Coinbase NFT marketplace

Non-fungible tokens have proved to be very useful in various fields. Small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs can also find various use cases for the revolutionary technology. Such as proof of authenticity, linking physical products with NFTs, and they can also represent shares in a business. Furthermore, the tech is also useful for businesses to streamline operations and save time and money.

The NFT platform has multiple advantages for small businesses. Like enabling them tell their story via an NFT profile. You can also link any self-custodial wallet to the platform and this will enable you choose the NFTs they want to highlight, or hide, on your profile.

Coinbase NFT to support NFT Communities

In a statement, Coinbase spoke about the platform will help build and engage NFT communities.

“The rise of NFT communities have shown us that online conversation extends far beyond the moments around transactions.

Coinbase also added that the NFT platform goes beyond buying and selling NFTs. The aim is to be a hub for creators collectors to build and engage with their communities. The platform also permits users to comment directly on their favorite NFT projects and has the unique upvote and downvote features.

Discover the Best NFTs

With this version of the NFT platform, The discover feed makes it easier for users to browse NFTs for sale. The NFT platform also has some personalized features that makes personalized NFT recommendations. This is aimed at saving users some search time.
Furthermore since the NFT platform is still in its beta phase, there are also upcoming features creators should look out for in the forth coming weeks. Features to look out for include drops, minting, token-gated communities, and the option to buy NFTs with a Coinbase account or a credit card.

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