Cosmic Wire Is Set To Release Ivana Tattoo Art Metaverse

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A leading web 3.0 company– Cosmic Wire– has just teamed up with a famous tattoo artist Ivana Belakova (Ivana Tattoo) to launch unique NFT tattoos.

Benefits of Holding the Ivana Tattoo NFT Collection

The Ivana NFT collection will serve as a VIP ticket to the Ivana list of universal events that will take place in Dubai, Europe, and Los Angeles.

The holders of the NFT collection will gain special access to her life tattoo sessions. And will have a chance to win their tattoos including real-life assets with their NFTs displayed on them.

In addition to this, some of the NFT holders will be able to communicate directly with Ivana’s celebrity clients.

These clients will explain the process and her work at her jobs at fireside chats held at Ivana’s series of restaurants, sophisticated venues, and yachts around Europe and the US.

About Ivana Tattoo Art

Ivana Belakova also known as Ivana Tattoo Art is the first and only woman in the world whose tattoos the Macro Museum in Rome authorized as modern fine art.

Ivana’s trademark is her color and descriptive street method of tattooing. She is also a talented illustrator, fashion designer, and inspirational speaker.

In a statement, Ivana tattoo art said that when she sees a person, she feels their energy and sees their colors. The tattoo then displays their energy, self-expression, liberty, fun, and vibes.

She added that she is also a trailblazer and if she could do that on Mars, she would. However, at the moment she would like to do this in the Metaverse.

About Cosmic Wire

Cosmic Wire is a web 3.0-based company that allows celebrities, artists, brands, and IP collectors to promote their work.

The platform design NFTs with a purpose and increase the value of both real-life and digital assets with methods such as blockchain, deep experiences, and NFTs.

Cosmic Wire has one of the best staff in the industry. It has also fully embraced development, marketing, and a sales team that assists clients.

It also believes in a good client contract that offers a distributive experience of progress for Cosmic Wire and its clients when they succeed.

The CEO of Cosmic wire– Jerad Finck– in a statement said that Ivana designs her artworks by initially understanding what communicates to the individual she is working on and then she builds around them.

He added that Cosmic wire is honored to assist with this wonderful project.


Ivana has just taken a huge step to launch her NFT tattoos in the Metaverse. The artist is well known for her works and her Illustrative style of art.

Ivana is also an author and has launched two books which include Narcissistic Rockstar and Just love Tattoos and Sushi.

She is also a self-taught artist and has practiced for more than 22 years. The tattoo designs of the artist are usually positive, fun, beautiful, playful, and sometimes mischievous.

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