Partners With Fantagio to Launch META MIU’S Debut Song

Share This Post will launch new NFT collections in collaboration with Fantagio– a company based in South Korea. 

The two firms will release the Metaverse idol Meta Miu’s Debut song “Uptown Boy” on the 11th of August.

Furthermore, the NFT drop features five music NFT releases of Uptown Boy. Four of the NFT collection consists of different aspects of the song while one contains the full track.

About the NFT Collection

The creation of the Meta Miu project involves Fantagio and Fellaz which is a web 3 entertainment platform.

The Metaverse icon is a female K-pop artist that works in the Metaverse and will be managed by the Fellaz community.

Holders of the Fellaz NFT subscription will gain exclusive access to the Meta Miu content.

In addition to this, holders with the full NFT track or with all of the individual NFT tracks will get a Fellaz light stick which will serve as a subscription to the NFT platform.

This innovation came into play as a result of an MoU between and Fantagio.

According to Patrick Yoon, the General Manager of Korea, the MoU is a way that the company will use to introduce a fandom of culture to the web3 space where fans and artists will interact through NFTs.

He also added that the company will collaborate with Fantagio to develop new ways that fans across the globe will use to experience K-content.

Fantagio is an entertainment group based in South Korea with a list of stars in its ranks such as idol groups Astro and Weki Meki and leading icons like Yoon-sik Baek.

The Head of Fantagio new business department– Sean– said that he is very excited to announce the launch of the Meta Miu NFT project that they have created in collaboration with Fellaz.

He also said that the collaboration between Fellaz and is a great way for Fantagio to experience a new market of the web 3.0 fandom.

More About is one of the biggest NFT platforms in the world and it shares special content from popular artists, athletes, and sports leagues which include UFC, Formula 1 Racing Team, Snoop Dogg, and Boy George.

The platform awaits its first partnership with Fantagio which will feature the Metaverse icon K- pop star Meta Miu on the 11th of August.

About Fantagio

Fantagio Co. Ltd is a firm that consists of actors like Yoon-sik Beak, Hyung Sung Lim, Hyun Kim, and other iconic groups like Weki Meki.

The company is also extending the scope of its business to music and drama.

About Fellaz

Fellaz is a platform based in Singapore and it provides a subscription fandom platform for entertainment companies.

The chief producer of the company is Felix also known as BAYC#8169 and is in charge of making Cameo in the Meta Min video teaser.

Conclusion and Fantagio have just launched a new set of NFT collections that will foster the interaction between artists and fans in the NFT space.

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