Partners With Minted, a Cronos-Based NFT Marketplace

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Minted – an NFT marketplace operated by Cronos labs– recently launched a partnership with

Further details on the Minted NFT Marketplace

Minted is an NFT marketplace launched in partnership with that permits blue chip NFTs on the Ethereum block to be listed with the Cronos-based NFTs.

On the Minted NFT marketplace, Ethereum-based blue chip NFTs like Moonbirds, Otherdeeds e.t.c, can be on the list with the Cronos-based ones. 

The platform will support more than 10 million NFTs across 2, 800 projects. provides support to the Cronos blockchain and it made public the web 3.0-focused 100 mm accelerator in June.

Also, through this collaboration Minted will serve as a secondary marketplace for all the Cronos-based NFTs majorly sold at

Holders who have their Ethereum-based NFT on Minted can get the native token of the platform $MTD as a reward. In addition to this, all those who list the blue-chip NFTs will receive greater rewards than others.

The project manager of Minted– Marco– said that the marketplace has a system that prevents users from milking rewards.

He also said that one of these ways is to give huge rewards to customers who list their NFTs at a fair price.

Also, users who list their NFTs from two Times above the floor price will get only one point while those below the floor price will get two points.

The managing director of Cronos– Ken Timsit– said that Minted plans to build a multi-chain platform starting from Ethereum and Cronos.

Minted and collaboration is an example of a market on the Ethereum marketplace known as opensea.

About is a large famous cryptocurrency exchange platform with more than 50,000 users across the globe.

Since 2021, the platform has gained more than 450, 000 Defi and NFT users and the use of NFTs has been part of the system of Cronos and has also partnered with prominent organizations like Philadelphia 79ers, Paris Saint, LA Kings, UFC, Aston Martin F1, and other popular brands and artists.

Conclusion has partnered with the Cronos-based marketplace– Minted to launch an NFT marketplace that will allow easy transactions involving NFTs.

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