Crypto Crow Launches New NFT Collection– Murder of Crow

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Famous YouTuber, Crypto Crow with over 135,000 followers just launched a new set of NFT collections known as Murder of Crow with each NFT representing a crow’s reaction to different stages in the crypto market.

Features of the New NFT Collection

Crypto Crow’s new NFT collection– Murder of Crow– consists of a total of 10, 000 digital collectibles that run on the Cardano Blockchain. 

Also, the NFT shows the reactions of Crows to the different stages in the cryptocurrency market.

The NFT collections launched this August and have already recorded sales of over 20%. Currently, there are still a few NFTs left for interested buyers.

The NFT collection has the same name as Crypto Crow’s Telegram community that has been existing for some time now. The new NFT will give access to the Crows Metaverse as well as his upcoming social media platform.

The holders of the NFT collections will gain exclusive rewards such as access to personal areas in the Crows Metaverse and first-hand access to his social media platform.

Holders may also become beta testers i.e they will have a chance to secure other special benefits that will take place in the future.

Why Crypto Crow Launched the Murder Of Crow NFT Collection

A lot of subscribers on Crypto Crow’s Youtube channel advised him to launch his cryptocurrency but he didn’t feel that it was necessary since it would just be another “meme coin”.

But the Youtuber is proud to be launching the Murder of Crow NFT collection. Crypto Crow is concluding so many projects currently. 

He has moved from being an ambassador of the Metaverse platform– Cornucopias to acquiring Mythical and other lands for future purposes and now has created a new social media platform on the Cardano blockchain.

About Crypto Crow

Jason Appleton also known as Crypto Crow is a popular YouTuber that creates educational content on the subject of cryptocurrency mostly on the Cardano blockchain. 

The YouTuber has about 135,000 subscribers on YouTube and 44,000 followers on Twitter. He has been in the blockchain space since 2017.

He was also a pioneer Cardano-related content creator on Youtube when only a few people knew of the blockchain.

To get more information about Crypto Crow, You can follow him on YouTube or Twitter.


To know more about how you can mint the Murder of Crow NFT, you can visit the official website.

However, note that Crypto Crows has not made any promise of wealth to those that will buy the NFT collection. 

Rather, he promised to sustain the community and incorporate new use cases as they come up. He will also involve the community in generating new ideas.

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