CyberKongz NFTs: All Need to Know

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The CyberKongz NFT is a famous project in the NFT space. The collection has given rise to apes that have performed excellently.

Initially, when PFP projects were scarce, NFTs gained popularity as suitable profile pictures on social media platforms.

History of the CyberKongz NFT

First, a total of 989 genesis Kongz NFT collections were minted and sold for 0.01 ETH per NFT. About 10 were kept for auction and were turned into “Legendary” status while one was selected as a mascot.

After some months, some of the NFTs sold for thousands of dollars and the proceeds that were generated were donated to the national park.

CyberKongz then turned into a community-based project as time went on. Then, the team behind the project launched two extra collections, CyberKongz VX consisting of a total of 15,000 NFT collections, and Baby CyberKongz consisting of 4000 collections.

The holders of the CyberKongz NFTs will be able to use their NFT on different Metaverse platforms.

The NFT sold at a floor price of 215 ETH. In January, Cyberkongz’s weekly sales volume was 19.3 million. According to reports, the project is on the list of the first NFT collections that have made a sales volume of more than $172 million

CyberKongz NFT Utility

CyberKongz has a utility token known as $BANANA and holders of the genesis CyberKongz NFT will receive 10 $BANANA tokens as rewards for 10 years.

Holders can swap these tokens for Baby CyberKongz, money, or burn it to add rare traits to the CyberKongz.

Also, holders can rename their NFTs using a few $BANANA tokens. In addition to this, they have a full commercial right to get the 2D and 3D versions of their NFTs and exclusive access to the Discord channel for holders.


The team behind the NFT project has made a lot of progress. For example, it has developed different Metaverse versions which include owning land in the Sandbox and creating 3D printable OBJ files. 

The platform also has several upcoming projects– Kungz Tank and Play and Kollect. The former is the NFT form of Shark Tank and the latter is a blockchain game that makes players earn several in-game rewards.

Players can also use CyberKongz VX to receive prizes in the form of NFTs and $BANANA.

The platform has also partnered with a lot of brands such as Metakey, Lidell, Worldwide Webb, Solarbots, and The Sandbox.

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