Dapp Radder Discloses Rise in Potatoz NFT

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The New Dapps Report of Dapps Rader has disclosed the rise in the Potatoz NFT collection. 

About the Potatoz NFT Collection

The minting of the 9,999 profile picture (PFP) of the Potatoz NFT collection took place on the Ethereum blockchain on the 20th of July 2022.

The collection ranks 8th on the list of the most traded NFT collections in the last seven days with more than $150 million in trading volume.

Potatoz NFT collection is a product of Memeland and a Metaverse project created by a prominent social media platform known as 9GAG.

9GAG is a Hong Kong social media startup and it has over 58 million followers on Instagram and 16.8 million followers on Twitter.

Also, the founder of the renowned “Veefriends” NFT collection– Gary Vaynerchuk– and “Moonbirds” NFT collection– Kevin Roose– were part of the development team.

The floor price of the potatoz NFT collection rose by 144% since its mint and currently, the floor price is about 1.24 ETH ($2,400).

Benefits of the Potatoz NFT Collection

The holders of the Potatoz NFT collection will allow holders to be part of the Memeland ecosystem which is a special community and Metaverse project focused on Pirate History.

When individuals buy the NFT collection, they will get a mobile pixel art called “Potato Sprout” which will eventually turn into unique potato figures.

There is also an incentive available for those who wish to obtain long-lasting rewards. 

First, the holders will have to get early access to the Memeland platform which will allow them to be of the Memeland Memelist– $MEMEs and Memeland MVPs.

The Memeland community currently consists of 442,800 followers on Twitter.

Although members can earn rewards through various means, the largest reward comes from the staking method that allows holders to get prizes by storing NFTs in their wallets.

Also, with the recent release of the Potatoz grow-to-win website, users will be able to connect their wallets and trade their potatoz NFT.


The potatoz NFT collection has a holder ratio of 49% and a whale concentration of 8.58% with one of the whales taking about 6.72% of the whole collection.

The NFT collection begins an interesting journey that will grant holders access to the Memeland ecosystem.

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