Dapper Labs Partner with L.A. Rams for 2022

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Dapper Labs has teamed up with the L.A. Rams, champion of the Super Bowl, to produce NFTs for the whole 2022 season. Dapper Labs is a well-known company that makes sports-themed NFTs, likewise the L.A. Rams, an American football team based in Los Angeles.

A new kind of Partnership for Dapper Labs

Although Dapper Labs has partnered with a lot of different groups before, this is the first time it has worked with a group for a whole season. During the season, the platform will give NFTs to the players and assist the sports organization by using the NFLALLDAY platform, which is a new platform made by Dapper.

Since this partnership is important to both teams, they are making a set of Super Bowl LVI rings to commemorate it. Each ring will look like a real prize given to a player.

They will add a total of 6,050 rings to the blockchain. Each will be an NFT that can be owned and will be sold for the first time in the L.A. Rams shop on NFLALLDAY. (August 11 – 10 AM)

There will be three types of rarities for the rings:

  • 5k Starter Rings – $9 Each
  • 1K All-Star Rings – $59 Each
  • 50 Hall of Fame rings – $699

“We’re excited to work with Dapper Labs to give Rams fans a chance to make history and celebrate our Super Bowl win in a way that has never been done before… “This best-in-class partnership is a great example of how game-changing technology will help us reach our fans and attract new ones in California and around the world,” 

said Jen Prince, Chief Operating Officer at the L.A. Rams.

Senior Vice President of Marketing and General Manager of NFL All Day Dave Feldman also reports that;

The Los Angeles Rams are one of the best sports teams in the world We’re excited to work with the LA Rams to bring fans closer to their favorite team and players than ever before through unique collectibles and events.”

About Dapper Labs

Dapper Labs is a blockchain company that specializes in developing video games. It has created games like Cheeze Wizards, NBA Top Shot, and Cryptokitties. The platform for the company is called Flow. It’s a blockchain that allows users to utilize consumer apps, games, and digital assets.

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