Delphi Announces a better way to introduce NFTs to gaming

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According to Delphi Digital, games can offer a core free-to-play experience that anyone could enjoy with NFTs added as part of an expanded gaming experience.

Delphi Digital, a crypto research company, has listed some ways that gamers might accept NFTs as a part of their gaming experience. For example, the tech could be used for extra features that don’t change the core experience.

Better ways of introducing NFTs to the Gaming Experience.

Delphi Digital released a report on NFTs on Wednesday. The report looks at how to incorporate NFTs into games without changing the core gaming experience or “true competitive play,” which gamers tend to value.

According to the report, players might not firmly oppose the idea if the monetization and NFT parts are done properly:

“Money will always be the most important thing if you don’t control it. So, the first thing to do is separate the market games from the main game loop.”

Delphi Digital added that games can achieve this by offering a core free-to-play experience that anyone can enjoy. While using NFTs for optional things like tickets to tournaments, new character skins, side games, and competition rewards.

The company said that this would help gamers who just want to monetize their gaming experience. While those who are playing for fun won’t have to buy NFTs or struggle to compete with people who spend lots of money on games.

The report said, “No one is tricked into playing the other’s game.

The report added that “the more people care about the game, the more likely they are to spend money on it.” This means that gamers unsure about purchasing an in-game NFT should find the core gaming experience meaningful.

“In theory, direct spending on metagames goes up the more people care about the game. We can get the most money out of peripheral monetization around the core game by making sure that the core game has the most meaning and competition.”

Traditional Gamers’ Criticism.

The report addresses the fact that traditional gamers don’t like crypto games. This is because “many of the criticisms” that have been made are true.

Delphi Digital pointed out that the dislike for crypto comes from the negative effects of monetization on traditional gaming. This includes developers limiting features on purpose so that users have to pay more money to get the full experience:

“Some parts of the traditional gaming industry have become more focused on aggressive ways to make money, which can sometimes ruin the experience for the player.”

“As a result, when gamers see that they need to buy NFTs to play early crypto games or when big publishers announce plans to build in this sector, they think it’s just another way to get money,” the report said.

Delphi said that this “does not mean that devising means to earn money is bad”. However, it needs to be done in a way that doesn’t devalue the game, whether or not it uses cryptocurrency.

The report also talks about the current state of crypto gaming. It says that so far, the financial aspects of games have become the “dominant motivator” for users. So, the actual quality of gaming has gone down while whales have dominated most games to make money on speculation:

“The gameplay of these early games has suffered on two fronts.

  1. Most players play because they expect to make money, not because they want to play.
  2. the core competitive circuit has pay-to-win mechanics that let whales buy their way to the top.”

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