Dixel Club Supports OKC to Speed Up the Adoption of NFTs 

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Dixel Club, a platform that develops non-programmed and user-generated pixel artworks that allow users to earn $DIXEL as rewards, just extended its support to OKX chains also known as OKC to create NFTs.

Dixel Club also has access to safe and efficient facilities for the creation of decentralized apps.

About Dixel Club Partnership With OKC

The involvement of OKC will help prevent the challenges that occur in the process of creating NFTs. OKC also has a secure smart contract platform that runs on one of the top crypto exchanges, OKX. uit.

OKX is built especially for high-performance dApps with lower fees. As a result of this, it is a perfect match for a lot of Defi protocols, Metaverse applications, and NFTs.

Also, OKC will help Dixel Club to speed up the process that will allow users to integrate NFT utility into their value chain. These users could either be artists, creators, influencers, or other individuals in the community.

How to Use OKC Via the Dixel Club Platform

Users with little or no experience can make use of OKC via the Dixel Club platform through the following easy steps:

  • First, go to the nav bar and enable the network, a pop-up notification will appear on the screen that will allow users to choose the network they will like to use.  

In this case, users will have to select the OK mat out of other options on the list.

  • Afterward, users can proceed to start drawing their digital artworks and then set up a page to start adding the necessary information to pitch for an effective sale.
  • The NFT project will then be launched on a fast and scalable blockchain network.

Creators will also have to provide details like Name, Description, Symbol, and Max Item. There is also the availability of drawing tools that will enable creators to give a final touch to their design.


The creation and release of NFTs in Dixel Club do not require that the creator know the code. The users only have to draw and give the final touch to fine-tune their projects.

Also, smart contracts are not needed for the project launcher and this will enable members to develop a community without having to worry about the fees, initial setup, or other technical issues involved in the creation of NFTs.

Currently, Dixel Club is open to specific wallets chosen after an artist fills a form. It also allows them to launch their NFT collection early. Other chains that the Dixel club support include BSC, Polygon, and Ethereum.

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