Dogliens NFT Offers Fans Opportunity to Shape Their Project.

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A recent storytelling NFT project by Dogliens is providing members of its community the opportunity to shape the storyline of the project as well as improve their minds.

About the Dogliens New NFT Project

Dogliens was the brainchild of the artist, Simon Lovell, who has the vision to build a better work by using storytelling and NFTs to transform their lives.

It also narrates the story of Ralph who went through abuse as a dog on earth and returned as a Doglien. 

According to the artist– Simon Lovell– after overcoming several private struggles, he wants to use the power of storytelling to assist people. He also said that NFTs are a perfect way to provide help and build personal transformation.

The project offers the members of the Discord community who create the Doglien characters weekly sessions to learn about the creative technique and building methods.

Storytelling also allows members to tap into their creative prowess and also create wonderful dialogues on how the members can advance in their hero journey.

The NFT Project Will Be Available on Opensea

There will be an initial release of 2,000 editions of the NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain and they will be accessible via the Opensea marketplace. The launch day and time will be communicated soon.

The project also provides members the opportunity to open and download brain optimizers (meditators) as they travel across the globe which will enable them to remain in a good mental state.

There are also tutorials in groups for the members of the Discord channel to help with their mental health.

As the story progresses, the rarity and the demand for the NFTs will change as the characters evolve. The members of the community will be responsible for guiding this process.


The ability to combine art and interesting stories will help the NFT community to evolve.

In a statement, Simon Lovell said that it is one thing to invest in the art you love but connecting to the characters that you assisted to create is a whole new level of fun and excitement.

This new NFT project will provide a way for community members to contribute their quota towards its advancement s well as improve their minds.

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