Donald Kushner to Launch New NFT Project– Cryptosaurs

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Donald Kushner,  the producer of the Tron sci-fi movie released about 40 years ago, has partnered with Forj to release a new NFT project known as Cryptosaurs.

About the Cryptosaurs NFT Project

Donald Kushner is collaborating with Anomica brands and Forj to launch a new NFT project that consists of digital dinosaur NFT collectibles. This will begin with an NFT egg drop that they will release this year.

Each of the dinosaur eggs represents a mystery box with a “gene randomized” code that produces a one-of-a-kind Cryptosaur.

Furthermore, the production team aims to allow the owners of the NFTs to use their Cryptosaurs in play to earn games, virtual reality exhibits, feature films, fine arts, as avatars as well as other media forms.

The inspiration from Cryptosaurs came from the experiences the co-founder John Scheele had when he was a child as he dug dinosaurs from the Natural History Museum

The most intriguing thing about Cryptosaurs is that it will make the original Tron movie come alive and impact the gaming and entertainment industry 

About Donald Kushner Web 3.0 Studio

The producer of the movie, Tron, founded a studio, Gumbotron, together with John Scheele and Mike Bonifer.

The studio is also dedicated to Metaverse storytelling. It merges cinematic techniques, art, and technology to generate a new concept powered by blockchain technology.

Donald Kushner’s Gumbotron is gaining its place as a leader of metaverse storytelling through its collaboration with the Amonica brand and Forj.

In a statement, Donald Kushner said that what the company began with Tron, they are continuing 40 years later with Cryptosaurs.

He also said that the difference was that Tron had a story about a human character in the digital world while with Cryptosaurs, users can generate an unlimited number of characters.

He added that web 3.0 was going to restructure the media and entertainment business.


Donald Kushner took a huge step into the NFT space which will introduce more initiatives and innovative concepts to web 3.0.

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