DS Group Launches New NFT: A Dream In a Million Metaphors

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The DS group recently launched its first NFT collection that honors the values of its founders– Lala Dharampal Ji and Shri Satyapal ‘Sugandhi’. This happened in the event of its 93rd founders’ day.

Details of the New NFT Collections

The Dharampal Satyapal Group (DS Group) is a multi-business corporation based in India. 

The group has also recently launched an NFT collection– A Dream In A Million Metaphors– to celebrate its 93rd founders’ day. And also to mark a season of setting a new standard and winning new regions.

Furthermore, the NFT collection supports the visionary zeal and preserved the values of the founders – Lala Dharampal Ji and Shri Satyapal ‘Sugandhi’.

As a memorial tribute to the founders, the unique mosaic also makes use of pictures. And each serves as a reminder of the journey that the founders passed through.

Lala Dharampal Ji comes from the agrarian root of Karnal. And he began the entrepreneurial journey by setting up an average perfumery store in old Delhi’s charming Chandni Chowk.

Also, his son– Shri Satyapal ‘Sugandhi– followed in his footsteps. He strengthened the business till it became what it is today.

The NFT collection features the nucleus of the foundation and shows the bigger portraits of the founders.

Consequently, with the launch of the new NFT collection themed– A Dream in a Million Metaphors. The group made use of the web 3.0 space to bring back historical moments to life through an experiential microsite that shows the irreplaceable story of the group.

About the DS Group

The DS group is a multi-business corporation and one of the top ranking FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Groups). It has a remarkable India and International presence.

The group is home to some of India’s favorite brands like Tuberose, Pass Pass, Baba, Nature miracle, Birthright e.tc., and to hospitality brands like Maharani, Ancafe Namah, and more.

The DS group aims for excellence with principles and values that creates a significant connection with humanity.

While speaking about the event, the vice chairman of the DS group– Shri Rajiv Kumar– said that they are living the vision the founding fathers had for their organization.

He also said that the quest of the founders for quality and innovation is an ideal they have inculcated and will strive to live up to.

The vice chairman added that with the advancement in technology and the evolution of how the conduction businesses are rapidly taking place. 

A significant breakthrough in technology has occurred and NFTs have caused an all-around shift and have become an acceptable phenomenon.

The new NFT is a recognition of the legacy of the founding fathers. The company also aims to be ahead in researching modern technology.


The DS group has just launched a new NFT Collection to celebrate the legacy of its founding fathers and preserve their values and principles. While also setting a new benchmark and reaching out to a new generation of audiences.

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