Dubai Police To Release Second NFT Collection During GITEX 2022 

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The Dubai police plan to release their second NFT collection after the first NFT collection attracted the interest of over 22 million people across the globe.

Details of the New Release By The Dubai Police

The Dubai police recently announced that it will be releasing its new set of NFT collections during GITEX 2002– the largest technology conference in Dubai.

According to the Director of the General Department of Artificial Intelligence at Dubai Police–  Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al-Razooqi– the Dubai police is the first UAE government structure and the first police agency to create digital collectibles.

The second NFT collection will consist of 150 digital collectibles that signify the core values of the police force which are security, innovation, and communication.

Also, individuals in UAE and abroad will have the chance to own digital collectibles by being a part of the social media platforms of the Dubai police.

The First NFT Attracted Over 22 Million People

When the Dubai police force released its first NFT collection, it attracted the interest of more than 22 million people across the globe.

The Police force also got more than 7,000 messages on their social media platform from partakers after the announcement of the NFT release.

Al-Razooqi in a statement said that they called all those who took part to verify their digital wallet addresses. And eligible participants were shortlisted in the raffle draw and about 150 people won the Dubai police collectibles for free.

He also said about five countries interacted mostly with the police force’s announcement both in the local and global news and they are the UAE, India, the United States of America, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia.

He added that the total views of the Dubai NFT news on social media were 589,173, about 418, 693 views were on Twitter, on Facebook there were 24, 282 views, and 146, 196 were on Instagram.


The Dubai police force is expanding its presence in web 3.0 as it has just launched its second NFT collection. 

This will increase the participation of more people in the NFT space and introduce a whole new audience to the world of web 3.0.

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