Emergent Game Releases Genesis 0 Cryotag NFTs For  MMOG Resurgence

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Emergent Studios– a web 3.0-based game studio just announced the release of a total of 1000 limited versions of Genesis Cryotag NFTs for a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) Resurgence.

The NFT collection will only be available using the invite-only free mint.

This will provide exclusive access to a private section of the game Discord server, future NFTs and airdrops, physical perks, whitelisting for future sales, and other rewards that will be revealed soon.

About the Resurgence NFT Drop

The Resurgence NFT drop allows players to participate in the structure of the game. As an integral part of the community, the community members will have the ability to make decisions on the various sections of the project as it progresses.

The utility and purpose of Cryotag will continue to evolve together with the Resurgence story and they are created for early fans regularly as they begin their journey through the post-apocalyptic globe.

The Cryotag artwork showcases its practical in-game capabilities, unlike the other NFTs that look sophisticated without being able to achieve much.

Emergent Games created its Cryotags to be upgradable i.e they have processing units, USB ports, and SIM card ports.

They installed countdown clocks on the NFTs on purpose to make the players know their time is running out and also to increase the pressure.

According to the CEO of Emergent games– Claims Lan Hambleton– The first generation of Cryotags just dropped today and it serves as a fundamental step towards developing a community that puts the players first. 

The vision of the company is to transform the Cryotags alongside the Resurgence story and it intends to bring in new functionalities based on what it hears from its early fans.

He added that the holders of the Gen 0 crystal collection will be useful throughout the development process. He also said that they cannot wait to learn and grow together with them as the ambitious AAA comes alive.

Also, the players that have lost out on the invite-only mint might have the opportunity to lay their hands on Gen 0 cryotags through the Resurgence Alternative Fact  Game (ARG)– The End– for a limited time.

Resurgence Alternative Fact Game– The End

The End is a relatable “story living” experience that brings in major characters, politics, and places.

Shortly after when humanity has lost its battle against climate change, The End allows players to recognize how extreme crises unfold and accumulate in the dystopian world of Resurgence.

Also, in The End, players have an understanding role in the Resurgence story through active digital platforms such as social media platforms, websites, e.t.c.

They also explore mysteries, distribute information, and receive rewards and other in-game values.

“Revelation” and “Priority One” which are cyberpunk sim and single-player horror video games respectively will launch in 2023 while “The Thaw” will launch in 2024.

The Thaw will soon become Resurgence and its initial MMO content is “The Internal Frontier”.


The Emergent game is a top ranking and Metaverse video game that merges market professionals from Play Station Activision, blockchain experts from Pluto Labs Jargon-no cost, pick up and play, NCsoft, AAA production values

It also enables players to participate with NFT elements and receive real money.

With a team of over 40 people, the team has created and launched various titles and they know what it takes to make big names. They also plan to be making the top forces that will move the web 3 game forward.

The co-founder of Emergent Games– Andy Fragos– said that the Resurgence first generation free mint is their commitment to creating an experience that places gameplay and community above profit.

He added that Cryotags will become distinct identifiers in the world of Resurgence as it takes form via exciting new projects that will launch soon.

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