Encryptus and Azadi Records Partner to Explore NFTs

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Encryptus just announced a collaboration with the famous label– Azadi Records. This will lead to the exploration of the NFT space and the advancement of innovative use cases.

About the New NFT Project

Encryptus and Azadi Records partner to launch an NFT project. This project will give holders unique access to premium content, VIP tour tickets, limited edition items, and more.

Different financial companies such as Fidelity, are safeguarding a long period of viewpoint. And have decided to advance their investment in and activities around cryptocurrency.

These institutions are implementing various ways to invest in crypto. They are also launching them into their balance sheet to promote their brand name and operation in the Metaverse.

Furthermore, Encryptus founder and CEO – Shantoo Saxena – spoke about the collaboration. He said that Encryptus will take an important position in the institutional adoption of cryptocurrency during the recent bearish marketplace.

He added that it does not hurt for this institutional fascination with the crypto market is acting to the present investors who are thinking of pulling out of the marketplace quickly.

Knowing how valuable NFTs have turned into, it is no news that Encryptus have collaborated with Azadi information to create an independent label.

This new label will give South Asian artists the liberty to express themselves for a notable venture into the earth of NFTs.

Also, Shantoo said that their new partnership with Azadi data to create an NFT ecosystem in India in a more appreciative way.

About Azadi Information

Azadi Documents is a transparent report label in the South Asian music ecosystem. And it also provides a system for audio that inquires, subverts, and involves the socio-political problems of this era.

Since 2017, the platform released projects that cut across various languages, themes, and regions with a single vision: “never to be silenced”.

The creators of Azadi data– Mo Joshi and Uday Kapur– started Nayaab. Globe NFTs and their utilities will open up new areas of artist and enthusiast involvement. This will also will boost the relationship among them.

About Encryptus

Encryptus began as an advisory company for cryptocurrency in 2020 because they have received approval from different nations for buying and providing crypto assets. 

The operations in Encryptus are carried out by a talented team of professionals who can comprehend the risks, compliances, and future of the crypto space. 

Their mission will also strengthen certified service companies trading cryptocurrency.


The partnership between Encryptus and Azadi data is one of the first labels to incorporate blockchain technological invention into their operations and also integrate an NFT-centric Nayaab. earth.

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