Enjin Introduces Unreal Engine SDK

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For the first time ever, Unreal Engine developers can use Enjin’s NFT tech in their projects without having to become blockchain experts themselves.

Exciting Features for Unreal Engin

In the past, Enjin did not have an SDK for integrating with Unreal Engine. Many developers wouldn’t be able to add Enjin apps to the UE platform because of this problem. Square Enix and other big projects are integrating with Unreal Engine because it has a lot of new features and has upgraded many big projects.

With the official SDK, developers of the Unreal Engine can easily add the Enjin API. Enjin is also working on a UE plugin that will make adding NFTs as easy as tapping and clicking.

Recently, Steam, Itch, and Unity have put limits on how users use NFTs with their platforms. They won’t let such technologies be used. Twitter users were very angry about this choice. The community is angry that the platforms are getting in the way of what players and developers should be able to decide for themselves.

All of these big fish are staying away from NFTs and blockchain technology, but Unreal Engine is becoming a home for Web3 games and projects.

Enjin introducing Features based on Community Experience

Now that Unreal SDK is finally out, the developers say they will keep working on the project and make changes based on how the community uses the Enjin Platform in their future projects.

As the Enjin Platform and Engine Cloud out-of-the-box are used to their fullest, development keeps going. There are also cloud events going on that help all GraphQL queries be accessed through the platform APIs.

You can do all of the following and much more with the SDK:

  • Make a Client that talks to the Enjin Platform. (It takes care of all the questions and changes the user sends to the game SDK.)
  • Takes care of the players (it allows you to create player credentials so that they can connect their Web3 wallets to your game)
  • You can manage blockchain assets. You can make, mint, and send decentralized assets.
  • Users can set up several services on the cloud platform, you can sign up for more than one event.

If you want to add the Unreal SDK to your project, Enjin has given you all the information you need to do so.

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