Everton to Launch Digital Shirts for Fans’ Metaverse Avatars

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Everton, a premier league team, is working with the NFT platform Fancurve, which focuses on fashion, to make digital shirts that fans can buy for their metaverse avatars. The partnership between Fancurve and Liverpool also follows a similar one between the platform and La Liga team Real Betis.

The Everton Digital Shirt Make-up

The NFT shirts are high-end photo-realistic digital jerseys put together by Fancurve’s in-house team of 3D fashion designers. Instead of replica kits, they have original designs based on the club’s 144-year history, which is very important to them. By doing this, the team can sell different kinds of rare shirts. Furthermore, it prevents issues with third-party intellectual property (IP). And also the assets are not for only one season.

Chris Cook, senior vice president of partnerships at Fancurve, said this about the project: 

“We are proud to be working with a Premier League club as well-known as Everton, with its passionate fans and long history. We want to be the biggest and most innovative digital wearables platform for sports fans around the world, and we think this partnership can help Everton and its community grow as we explore web 3.0 soccer fandom together.”

The digital shirts will be sold on Fancurve’s website at a price and date that have not yet been decided. Fans will be able to pay with real money. For now, you can sign up for updates on the project by indicating interest.

About Fancurve

Fancurve is a new digital sports fashion platform that uses Blockchain and allows fans to show off their passions, personalities, and connections through high-quality digital sports wearables.

Fancurve also recently announced a partnership with the Spanish La Liga team Real Betis, and it acts as a Web3 launchpad for fashion and lifestyle brands and products to enter the Metaverse.

The staffs of the US-based company also have a lot of experience in sports, including investing in the Italian team Bologna FC.

Fancurve creates unique partnerships that bring together football, culture, and fashion fans worldwide. Fancurve is building a community that will shape the future of sports fashion by putting fans in touch with the world’s best athletes, clubs, brands, and designers.

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