Fables of Fyra to Establish a Stable Token Economy

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Every studio approaches a thriving and stable token economy in P2E games differently. Some believe that a soaring token price indicates success, whereas others focus on stabilizing the token price and avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Numerous variables characterize a stable token economy. However, the most critical component in a token’s success for P2E games is a player’s pleasure and the project’s ability to attain its maximum potential.

In addition, the token’s functionality, such as high returns, staking incentives, and unlocking further earning opportunities, plays a crucial part.

Difficulties in P2E Economies

Every studio entering the P2E market is concerned with discovering a method for monitoring supply and demand. In addition, as governments take measures to limit inflation, such as increasing interest rates and implementing new tax policies, these measures include rising interest rates and introducing new tax policies.

P2E games employ comparable strategies to stabilize token economies. However, they have difficulty because fiat currencies have a significantly greater trading volume than cryptocurrencies. According to research conducted by the FoF team, about 70% of users converted the cryptocurrencies they obtained through NFTs, P2E games, etc., into fiat currency.

The Awakening | A Stable Token Economy in Fables of Fyra

Fables of Fyra is pursuing an innovative and sustainable method of establishing a stable token economy.

Unlike previous economies, the economy of Fable of Fyra is flexible, ensuring that it is entirely independent of the activities of its participants.

The Fyra Oyer (2) token system ensures the stability of $CAVE (P2E) and optimal utilization of $BAAH (premium token).

See an explanation of The Fables of Fyra Economy in their own words.

To expound on how the stability principles of Fables of Fyra function, let’s examine the strategies they devised to attain these objectives.

Production of Measured Tokens

As with the Gold and Silver Land Key Sale, more lands may become accessible if demand exceeds token production. However, if the token generation barely outpaces demand, finer adjustments can be made by modifying the multiplier for a token generation applied to all lands.

Variable Token Drains

Typically, P2E games lack data that forecasts how players will respond to specific changes in the economy, which causes the majority of P2E to fail. Fables of Fyra has overcome this obstacle by incorporating an adjustable burn mechanism into the Fyra Oyer device.

Thus, they achieved the desired outcome regardless of the behaviors and activities of the participants.

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