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Faded Arcade announced that on the 26th of August at 8 a.m. EST, fans can get 10,000 Hamster Jamz Profile Picture (PFP) NFTs for free.

Your free NFT will give you access to the Hamster Jamz game, where you can play as the hero “Waffles McFluffybutt.” Keep your Hamster Jamz NFT in your crypto wallet. This will act as your game pass and let you play. You can also start minting on August 26, and connect your digital wallet to the Hamster Jamz platform. To do this, either use your wallet app to scan the QR code or use the desktop version of your favorite wallet.

Hamsters running amok

Faded Arcade created the NFT collection and game Hamster Jamz. They call it “a multi-dimensional, retrowave-meets-cyberpunk mashup fantasy extravaganza.”

Hamster Jamz is a great example of how Faded Arcade is bringing back retro games from the 1980s in a dystopian, futuristic style. The cute Hamsters who eat waffles are up against hungry wolves, spikey cactuses, raiding aliens, and scary ghosts. If you make it to the top of the Hamster Jamz leaderboard, you can win merchandise and other prizes.

Mint your Free NFT.

Hamster Jamz has fair minting, and you don’t have to be on a whitelist or pay a minimum amount to mint. You can get your first NFT for free, and each Hamster you buy costs 0.01 ETH to invest in.

10 lucky Hamster Jamz minters who mint during the first 24 hours will win a valuable Faded Arcade NFT. If that happens, your NFT will give you access to these tools:

  • 10% of the profits will go to the game studio.
  • Multiple income streams
  • The right to vote on a game studio
  • Access to 10 games in its Pixelverse.

During the contest, before the mining starts, there’ll be 10 Faded Arcade NFTs giveaway.

Faded Arcade

Faded Arcade has built an ecosystem around NFTs, which can be used to get into the Pixelverse and are full of utilities.

The Pixelverse is shaping up to be a paradise for old-school gamers. Ten arcade games from the 1980s are coming, and you can try out demos of all of them on the website.

You can access the game by buying one Faded Arcade NFT, and you might be able to win one of their highly sought-after NFTs in a future giveaway.

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