Fewocious Sells The Sailor for Record Price

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The digital art of NFT artist FEWOCiOUS has taken the NFT space by storm, and now he has broken another record by selling his work The Sailor for the most ever on the secondary market. The real name of the artist is Victor Langlois, and he is still in his teens. However, he already has the world of crypto art at his feet.

When “The Sailor” was resold at auction for 350 Ethereum, it set a new record for FEWOCiOUS. When Capital6529 bought the asset from the previous owner, “2YeahYeah,” the NFT auction was over.

The animated NFT has a mutated human face in the pop surrealist style that is typical of FEWOCiOUS.

Reactions to FEWOCiOUS record NFT sale

The 24-hour auction began on August 18. Capital6529 won with a bid of 350 ETH, which is worth more than $500,000 at the current market price. After making the purchase, the winner tweeted about how long they had been waiting for a FEWOCiOUS to join their family. It’s not clear if they knew or not that they had just finished the most expensive secondary sale.

NFT Collector, another Twitter account, said, “Evidence that we don’t need utility on NFTs and that even in a bear market, we can see amazing sales numbers. The next run-up in NFTs will be full of 7 digits for sure.”

Then, when FEWOCiOUS woke up, he quickly posted a video to Twitter showing how shocked he was.

Who is FEWOCIOUS, the NFT artist?

FEWOCiOUS, a 19-year-old NFT artist, is part of the Queer Crypto artists NFT community. He/she is from Las Vegas but now lives in New York. At age 13, he began making art. Later, he was drawn to digital art “as a place for the young transgender artist to hide and get away.”

His art shows “snapshots of his memories and a mirror of his heart.” His love of making art shines through every piece, which all have a lot of colors and show how strong feelings are.

When FEWOCiOUS was just 17, he sold his first painting and moved to Seattle.

The following year, in March 2021, he worked with RTFKT. In 7 minutes, the digital sneaker collection brought in $3 million in NFT sales. In June 2021, he hosted at Christie’s, and his “Pride Month” painting sold for $2.16 million.

His next big hit was “Paint Drop,” which made its debut on the NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway and sold $20 million worth of copies. He has also worked with other popular NFT artists, such as his best friends parrottism, odious, and Jonathan Wolfe.

He wasn’t happy with his success at Christie’s, so he recently showed his first sculpture that was the size of a person at Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Day Sale in London. In total, he has made close to $50 million from sales of NFT art.

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