Fleischer Studios Launches New NFT Collection: Boop and Frens

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Fleischer Studios, owners of the iconic animated character “Betty Boop ” has partnered with top brands such as XLabel– a web3 consultancy firm–, brand licensing agency Global Icons, and LLC to release a new NFT collection, Boop and Frens.

Betty Boop’s NFT Launch Will Mark Her First Step into the Metaverse

Fleisher studio is bringing the classic animated Hollywood Heyday character– Betty Boop– into the Metaverse in the form of NFTs.

The NFT collection will recognize the character who is a symbol of independence, style, kindness, and global acceptance.

The launch of the NFT will signify Betty Boop’s first entry into the Metaverse. It will also consist of a total of 8,888 unique NFTs.

Mark Fleischer, President of Fleischer studio said. The company is thrilled to see Betty Boop step into the Metaverse, where community belonging is the cornerstone of the next phase of the internet.

Unique Features of the Boop and Frens NFT Collection

Also, the NFT collection displays Betty Boop in a styled digital fashion dress adorned with accessories just like the cartoon character.

MYAMI studio created the style. And the studio creates top fashion designs that users can wear and trade in the virtual space.

The Boop and Frens NFT collection will be available for minting on the 9th of August, generally known as the official Betty Boop Day, and also marks the anniversary of Betty Boop’s screen debut which took place in 1930.

The NFT holders will have exclusive access to a wide range of utilities. This includes access to digital wearables and experiences in the Metaverse.


Betty Boop NFT collection was created thanks to the dedication and support of some Metaverse community members toward the project. 

The partnership of these members aligns with the fundamentals of values of Betty Boop both culturally and technologically.

This will promote the plans to develop a stage of digital entertainers, musicians,  and artists from all over the Metaverse that is hosted by Betty.

More information on the community collaboration is yet to be announced on the community’s official Discord “Boop and Frens”.

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