Four NFT Discord Servers Breached!!

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Hackers have breached four more NFT discord servers , barely two days after the recent attack on the BAYC Discord server. And these attacks bear similarities with that of the BAYC discord. The four NFT communities affected in the recent attack include Apocalyptic Apes, Yung Ape Squad, Bubbleworld, and Aiternate.

NFT Discord servers Breached

CertiK an NFT community alert handle on Twitter alerted the NFT community of a compromise to the Apocalyptic Apes discord server. PeckShield a blockchain security outlet also confirmed the attack on its Twitter handle.

CertiK announced on its Twitter handle that:

“We are seeing another phishing attack today, this time on @apocalypticapes discord server. It looks like the server has now been secured with links to the phishing site taken down. If you have clicked on the link try @RevokeCash to de-approve”.

NFT Discord Servers Breached

Furthermore, Peckshield also announced the attacks on Aiternate, Bubble world, and the Yung ape squad on its Twitter handle.

Response by the affected communities

Aiternate, Bubble World and Yung ape squad have all released statements to their community on the hack, but the Apocalyptic Ape Twitter handle is yet to make any statement about the hack on their Twitter handle.

The Bubble World team announced on its Twitter handle that:

“Hi everyone our Discord has been compromised please don’t click any links while we are in the midst of securing the discord. Please only follow links instructions we post on BOTH Twitter AND Discord!”

NFT Discord Servers Breached

The Extent of the loss to the Breached NFT Discord Servers

Apocalyptic Apes lost over 21 NFTs including 3 Mindblowon and 2BokiNFT. And over 160 NFTs were stolen from the Bubble World Discord, including 1 Beanz, 1 Goblintown, 1 Otherdeed, and 1 Cool cats among others. At press time the total amount lost is uncertain.

The Attacker’s MO

The attacker maintained the same method of attack it employed in the BAYC attack. The hacker compromised the account of the server’s moderator and then posted a minting ad with the link to a phishing site. And when unsuspecting victims connect their wallets, lose their digital assets.

These successive attacks on crypto projects gives credence to the warning by DeFiance founder Arthur Cheong of a possible wide scale attack by North Korean Hacker group Blue NorOff.

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