Free City Releases New Violent Squirrel NFT

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Free City, a Metaverse-based project, is set to launch a new set of NFT collections, Violent Squirrel NFT. 

The Violent Squirrel NFT will serve as proof of identification for going into Free City.

About the Violent Squirrel NFT Collection

The violent squirrel NFT collection consists of a total of 5, 000 violent squirrels with more than 100 unique traits recorded on the Solana blockchain.

Users can mine one NFT for each wallet. And this is an opportunity for interested buyers to get the violent NFT collection. They can also wait for the sales on a secondary marketplace like Magic Eden.

The holders of the Free City NFT collection usually get access to exclusive rewards such as an NFT microphone that they can use to communicate with other players.

The NFT microphone serves as a pointer to the social rewards of a player. Players can decide to boost their NFT assets by upgrading four properties which include grip, batteries, sound card, and luck.

When a property is upgraded, it helps the player get more rewards. In addition to this, players can also get involved in audio chats to promote their social values. 

To promote their social values through audio chats, they can make use of their plot of land to develop a voice audio room. The audio voice room is made up of two features which are NFTs and SocialFi.

Players can also take part in various social events and tasks by making use of their 3D Avatars.

About Free City

Free city is an upcoming Metaverse SocialFI platform established on the polygon blockchain. It makes use of evolving technologies such as web3 to provide amazing experiences to users.

The platform also allows users to explore the digital world and be themselves without limitations.

The vision of Free City is to transform the social networking niche and move it from a crowd-based platform to web 3.0.

The platform promotes decentralization and a democratic system of governance that will store the assets of its users on the blockchain.

Players can participate and earn the rewards that the Free city platform has in store for them.


There are so many rewards available for holding the free city NFT collection. This includes a chance to earn while taking part in various social activities.

The launching of the game will take place soon and players can hop in and start receiving amazing rewards on the platform.

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