Gala Games shows off a number of new projects

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Gala has announced a number of new projects in the last few weeks. Many of these were announced at their Galaverse II event. And it wasn’t just about selling NFTs. Gala also added several new games and a new NFT Film project. These are the list of some of the projects;

Gala now has a games division, a film project, and a music group that is all focused on using NFTs! Some investors worry that they might be taking on too much. But so far, they’ve apparently done a good job of running their own projects and bringing in teams from outside the company.

And they do get some well-deserved criticism for having more sales and announcements about new games than about their older ones. But it seems like Gala Games and the blockchain gaming industry as a whole are about to release the next generation of high-quality blockchain games to an eager audience of gamers.

So, let’s look at four new games that Gala recently launched

Football Freestyle 2

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A third-person football (soccer, for those of you in the United States) game with a bunch of crazy characters. The Freestyle series of games has been around for a long time. It’s great to see a company that already makes games move into the blockchain world. I can’t wait to see how they change this game. Even though we don’t have enough official details, this game may not need a Founder’s vote. The date of release is not known.

Winners Arena

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The developers say that Champions Arena is a turn-based RPG. Champions Arena has more than 100 Champions and items, and it seems to be a mix of click-to-do-nothing games, deck-building games, and turn-based RPG battles. Players send Champions into battle and help them with cards that give them equipment, spells, or skills. Players can also add gear and powerful auras to their Champions to make them more unique. The game will have both PvE and PvP, as well as guild brawls and story campaigns. People who went to the Galaverse event got a sneak peek at the game, and early reports are good.

Forever Winter

Fun Dog Studios made the third-person shooter Forever Winter. The date of release is written as “after 2023.” Since they had a flash sale for Forever Winter Ancient Bunkers in early June, I guess this one is already part of the Gala Games ecosystem. We don’t know anything else about this game yet.

Betwixt NFT

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Betwixt gives NFT owners the chance to take part in a set of eleven quests. Their choices along the way have helped shape and change the NFT. In this way, each NFT is different and has a direct link to its owner.

When a Betwixt NFT is sold, the game starts over, but the previous owner’s progress and art are saved and kept in the NFT’s history! This NFT set is definitely interesting and different. One where the creators hope the owners will learn about themselves.

Gala Games, What are they all about?

With a list of projects that keeps growing, like Town Star, Mirandus, Spider Tanks, Echoes of Empire, and more. Gala is in the process of making and moving to its own chain. It was built on the Ethereum network. Those who want to make a big investment in the ecosystem can buy a Gala node, which lets them help process transactions in exchange for rewards and special NFT airdrops.

Gala Games has recently added Gala Music and Gala Films, which are not games. Keep an eye on their Twitter to find out about their latest games and projects.

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