GaryVee Renames VaynerNFT Platform to Vayner3

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The VaynerNFT platform now Vayner3 is extending its services across the web3 ecosystem ranging from NFTs to Metaverse, to blockchain integration systems and more.

VaynerNFT to Vayner3

Gary Vaynerchuk, a successful entrepreneur, and NFT influencer recently announced that he has renamed his NFT platform from VaynerNFT to Vayner3.

The large involvement of individuals and companies in the web3 space inspired the renaming of the company to Vayner3.

According to the President of Vayner3– Avery Akkineni– Although NFTs may have been the word in 2021, she believes that there are different ways for the company to engage in multi-dimensional web3 strategies.

The goal of Vayner3 is to continue as a consultancy focused on helping top-ranking firms and property owners through the next phase of consumer behavior and the constantly changing web3 space.

Will Vayner3 Continue with NFTs?

The Vayner3 company will continue the NFT trade but will also help organizations and businesses walk their way through the Metaverse world, cryptocurrency platforms, and decentralized technology. 

The renaming of the company to Vayner3 follows its first anniversary. The president is excited to continue to help brands to develop their communities as a result of the advancement brought by web3.

The President added that they have done launches, programs, and everything from real-life activations to visible products and she is proud of the group they have developed and how far the company has been able to cover.


Vayner3 has assisted a lot of brands such as Pepsi, Johnnie Walker, Robert Mondavi, BEHR paint e.t.c, to launch their NFTs in the past year.

The company aims to enlighten companies and individuals about web3. Such acts have been done through large events which include Art Basel, SXSW, and Veeco.

Vayner3 has also partnered with creators and technical builders to build platforms for the next era of web3 users.

The CEO of Vayner3– Gary Vaynerchuk– said that he has always thought that technology is an awesome tool to help know customer behavior and build social interactions through culture.

He added that all of VaynerX’s ventures work similarly and they are concerned with helping businesses comprehend the evolving landscape.

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