Goblintown Founders doxxed!

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Goblintown NFT came into the space with quite a bang, but despite its astronomical growth, the founders remained anonymous till recently. But the revelation of their identity has not done much for the floor price which has not fared since then.

Truth Labs Revealed as Goblintown Founders

Goblintown founders identified themselves as Truth Labs. Info from the official Twitter page of Truth Labs reveals that the group is linked to several NFT projects. The linked projects to the Web3 group include the Illuminati Collective and the 187 collections.

The video that revealed Truth Labs as the founders

The founders were doxed in a video released on the Goblintown official Twitter handle which tagged the handle of Truth labs. In the video, the team stated that they knew the day would come for them to be doxxed. However, they maintained that the project was beyond them and at this point, it is irresponsible for them not to make the revelation. Furthermore, the group deflected the ownership of the project to the community. Stating that “we are not Goblintown, you are”. The team also expressed appreciation to the community for their faith in them.

Speaking on this they said:

This community has placed a huge amount of faith in us, and has taken this project to a place we could not have imagined when we were building it

The Goblintown team also added that they are just “a little team of folks who had an idea that grew wildly – and wonderfully – out of control.

The team commented on the community’s call for merch. In the video, they stated that “we didn’t feel like they could make the kind of thing (the merch) available while remaining anon”. Furthermore, the team promised to set aside what it called “a whole bunch of goblins” for the pre-existing communities.

Roadmap, discord, and utility… Goblintown founders respond

Following its mint, Goblintown raised some concerns due to the anonymity of its founders, and the absence of a roadmap, discord, and utility. However, these were not addressed in the video. Concerning the absence of a roadmap, the team stated that: “Goblintown has no roadmap and will never have one”

In this case what is the plan going forward?

The team proposes that the roadmap is a collective effort of both the team and the community. According to the team, “you are building this world with us as we go”

Furthermore, concerning the discord server, Goblintown stated that it does not have one and will not have one. The reason for this is the team’s belief that the project will be open to all. The team also stated that Goblintown has no utility. Speaking about this they joked that “we’re not even sure what utility means anymore”. In that case, the team is not working towards any utility for the project which is not good for the project going forward.

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