Hyundai Motors Releases Citizenship for IONIQ 6 NFT Holders

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Hyundai motors – a South Korean global automobile manufacturing company– just released the IONIQ Citizenship. The IONIQ Citizenship is a membership program offering a utility package exclusively for the holders of the IONIQ 6 NFT collection.

Special Features of the IONIQ 6 NFT Collection

The unveiling of the IONIQ 6 NFT collection took place on July 14th. Which was the same date as the world premiere of the I0NIQ 6 electronic vehicle.

Also, the IONIQ 6 NFT collection is Hyundai’s second NFT collection to date and offers a unique customer experience.

Hyundai motors released 5000 IONIQ 6 NFTs with six distinct themes. And they include stress-free driving, brand driving, work, Socializing, Entertainment, Free driving, and Healing.

Each piece of the IONIQ 6 NFT collection features a one-of-a-kind artwork designed in a generative pattern. These patterns integrate different objects, colors, and backgrounds that can give rise to multiple combinations.

The background of the NFT depicts the interior area of the IONIQ 6 incited by the double-color ambient lighting.

Furthermore, the four unique colors of the NFT signify the design of the IONIQ 6 identity in the future.

Hyundai motors disseminated the NFTs for free instead of putting them up for sale. This is because they wanted many people to participate in the special experiences.

About the IONIQ Citizenship

The IONIQ Citizenship is a membership program that gives the IONIQ 6 NFT holders access to utilities and unique experiences.

Furthermore, the goal of this program is to extend unique customer experiences beyond the existing values of the physical world to the limitless digital world.

Some of these experiences include access to exclusive digital content, digital space, and tangible items connected to the IONIQ 6. Some utility will depend on rarity.

In addition to this, the IONIQ 6 NFT experiences will also increase based on collaboration with different companies. And this will start from the digital fashion item giveaways.

The IONIQ citizenship program will also give access to Hyundai motors’ digital space – Planet Hyundai – launched on the 14th of July on the global ZEPETO in collaboration with Naver z.

Holders will also get a gift card for the customized phone case from the first NFT phone case manufacturer in the world –NFTYC (NFT Your Case). Which is part of the multinational tech brand– CASETiFY.

Hyundai motors will also organize the “IONIQ Digital Garage” which is an interactive digital event exclusive for NFT holders.


Hyundai motors will keep coming up with innovations for the IONIQ lineup via the Capsule IONIQ. Which is an NFT newsletter promoting the brand’s relationship with its NFT community from August.

According to the Executive Vice President, Global Chief Marketing Officer, and Head of Customer Experience Division of the Hyundai Motor Company– Thomas Schemera – Hyundai has consistently sought out new ways to connect and relate with customers.

The IONIQ 6 NFT collection is a way of ending the boundaries of NFTs from simple investment and possession to experiences and storytelling.

The company hopes to increase its relationship with customers and communicate more innovatively through the value of the IONIQ lineup.

Hyundai motors will also keep inventing physical (physical+digital) experiences that combine real-life and digital experiences. And this is aimed at the new generation of customers that are conversant with virtual technology.

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