Iconic NFTs Collaborates With White House Historical Association (WHHA)

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Iconic Moments has teamed up with the White House Historical Association (WHHA) to launch a limited version of the NFT collection.

This collaboration signifies WHAA’s first venture into the NFT space and also the first time the PROOF collective has asked an NFT marketplace to take part in the Grails collection.

About the White House Historical Association’s NFT Collection

The Grail’s original NFT showcases the real works of various artists all over the globe. 

Furthermore, PROOF members will have special access to mint these one-of-a-kind pieces but the plan is to hide the identities of the artists till they complete the minting process.

Linda Dounia Rebeiz designed the famous WHHA NFT “Sparrows Do Not Fear the Sun”. And Rabeiz’s work makes use of real-life and digital art platform that integrates artificial intelligence, which made her a perfect fit for paying homage to Alma Thomas– a Black female artist who initiated a style and her piece” Resurrection” chosen as an inspiration for NFT.

Interestingly, Thomas painted the Resurrection piece in 1966 at the age of 74 and it featured the artist’s signature style and showcased various actively colored irregular, concentric circles giving rise to a sunburst.

George B. Hartzog. Jr and the White House Acquisition Trust/WHHA helped obtain the work for the White House collection. This is also the first listed artwork by a black in the White House Collection.

The past First Lady of the US– Michelle Obama– unmasked the piece in February 2015 displaying it’s a place of honor and overlooking the old family dining room.

About Iconic Moments

Iconic Moments is one of the first NFT platforms that aim to bring stories and history of the life of top brands and traditional institutions.

The company also collaborated with top brands to generate interesting story-rich campaigns focused on the heritage and culture of their collections.

The founder and CEO of Iconic Moments– Chris Cummings– said that the fundamental things done in Iconic Moments include storytelling, history, and culture. 

Also, the company’s collaboration with Linda and PROOF to bring awareness and funding to one of America’s Iconic institutions– the WHHA is a great idea.

Additionally, the company sees this as a medium to change the way people view worldwide experience, culture, experience, and art.

About the White House Historical Association

The former first lady– Jacqueline Kennedy– foresaw a restored White House that showcased a sense of history through art.

Her vision was to inspire Americans, especially children to embrace and develop an interest in America’s history and its president.

To support this vision, the nonprofit, nonpartisan White House Historical Association was set up in 1961 to preserve and share the legacy of the Executive Mansion.

Furthermore, the project received full support from private resources and the mission of the organization is to help in the preservation of state and public rooms, fund acquisition for the White House Permanent Collections, and enlighten the masses on the history of the White House.

Since the establishment of th White House, the association has donated over $50 million to support the project.

The Senior Vice President of WHHA– Colleen Shogan– said that they are extremely honored to work with Iconic Moments and to include PROOF collective in this special collection.

The company also sees this as a unique medium to tell the story of Alma Thomas’ exceptional artwork while promoting the work of the black female artist via Linda Dounia Robeiz’s digital interpretation.

About Grails II and PROOF Collective

PROOF is a personal members-only collective with 1,000 collections dedicated to NFT artists and collectors.

Grails on the other hand is a special mint that is only accessible by PROOF collective holders. Each piece is a distinct work of art for the Grails drop in partnership with other leading artists in the space.


The collaboration between Iconic Moments and WHHA will preserve cultural history and heritage.

The team is working with renowned artists to launch exclusive NFT artworks for the Grails II release.

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