Idexo to Launch Its Third Multichain Gang NFT Collection on Solana

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Idexo– a simplified platform for advancing web3 projects– recently announced the release of its multichain gang NFT collection on the Solana blockchain.

The launching of the new NFT collection will take place on the 27th of July. Additionally, Idexo followers on Twitter and Telegram will mint the NFTs for free!

About the Idexo Multichain Gang NFT Collection

The index Multichain Gang NFT collection extends to multiple blockchains with each NFT being distinct across all the chains.

Also, users can combine NFTs from the different blockchains for a better version of NFTs with badges of the chain on them.

The CEO/CTO of Idexo– Greg Marlin– said that it is a great joy to launch a big mint on Solana as a way to show their support for integration with their chain.

He also added that with the multi-chain gang chain, anyone will be able to develop and support advanced NFT applications on Solana easily and fast using the company’s web application or SDK.

How to Mint the Idexo Multichain Gang NFT

The Idexo multi-chain NFT collection will be available for free minting on the 27th of July to the members of the Idexo Telegram group and its followers on Twitter.

Members of the Idexo Telegram group can mint their NFTs by sending a command through the Idexobot Telegram bot while its followers on Twitter can mint their NFTs by just sending a tweet.

The users of the third Multichain gang  NFT will be able to merge NFTs from Solana, Ethereum, and BNB chains to create advanced NFTs.

They propose to launch the second BNB chain on the 14th of July. However, that of Ethereum already took place from the 29th of June to the 12th of July.

During the Ethereum launch, about 75 NFTs were minted freely and an additional 100 NFTs were minted and uploaded on opensea.

The income generated from the NFTs will go to a DAO-like voting contract controlled through holders’ votes. They will also spend the income on advancing the NFT collection and Idexo.

There are about 225 collections left and they will become upgraded NFTs.


Idexo has just brought a new initiative to the NFT space. The organization aims to combine NFTs from different blockchains to give rise to upgraded NFTs.

With the introduction of positive ideas and innovations like this, the NFT space will keep expanding and attracting more audiences.

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