IOG Partners With NMKR to Promote the Adoption of NFTs

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Input Output Global (IOG) – the firm behind the Cardano blockchain– has recently partnered with NMKR– a leading NFT minting and payment infrastructure on Cardano to promote NFT adoption and awareness.

The New Partnership Will Enable Easy NFT Transactions on IOG

The partnership between NMKR and IOG has led NMKR to create a minting API for a new NFT environment to make It easy for anyone who wants to mint or embrace NFTs.

NMKR is also introducing technology on the Cardano blockchain allowing minting services, migration and integration of NFTs, white label NFT drops, and other services related to NFTs within and other ledger technologies.

Also, through this partnership, they will implement a new FIAT payment method developed by NMKR. This means that customers will be able to pay with both traditional currency and cryptocurrency.

This will involve individuals in different parts of the world in the NFT space without having a deep knowledge of the crypto industry.

This technology has attracted the interest of so many individuals. For instance, Martin Lawrence, an actor, and comedian designed and released his debut NFT collection on Cardano using the minting API.

They released the NFT on Twitter with the CEO of Input and Output global– Charles Hoskinson– and the CEO of NMKR– Patrick Tobler.

About NMKR

NMKR is one of the leading brands that allows NFT minting founded by Patrick Tobler. The marketplace has an easy user interface that provides a comprehensive virtual platform for minting, viewing, and trading NFTs.

The platform runs on the Cardano blockchain and allows low transaction fees with no impact on the ecosystem because of the proof of stake approach.

The platform aims to support brands and companies to create white label API solutions to generate physical cases. 

Currently, the platform has minted over 1, 400, 000 NFTs in less than a year. It is also the first provider for FIAT payment of NFTs on Cardano.

Patrick Tobler said that the company is thrilled to partner with Input Output Global.

The company also believes that the experience of Input and Output global in building and deploying blockchain techniques will be important to help them achieve its goals of promoting the wide adoption of NFTs.

About Input and Output Global (IOG)

Input and Output Global (IOG) is one of the most top blockchain infrastructures and engineering companies founded by Jeremy Wood and Charles Hoskinson. 

The company is completely decentralized and committed to top rules of academic rigor, and software development. 

IOG creates high blockchain solutions with assurance for private, public, and government clients. It also powers the decentralized and smart contract platform– Cardano. 


IOG and NMKR have teamed up to increase the participation of individuals all around the world in the NFT space. 

They intend to achieve this by integrating the use of FIAT currency and allowing easy trading of NFTs.

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