Jadu Announce Partnership with Michael Bay To Release AR Avatars

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Jadu AVAs are Augmented Reality avatars created by Jadu, AR Platform, and Michael Bay, Hollywood Director, and Producer. And they are the center of the platform’s augmented reality game world released later this year. 

The Hollywood director, who is also the Transformers director has many highly-grossing blockbusters to his name. He has also designed AR-native characters, the AVA’s.

Jadu AVAs

Jadu AVAs are the focus robot avatars of the company’s AR game world that it will release later in the year. Michael Bay is creating the avatars in partnership with Jadu.

As seen in related movies like the Transformers franchise, Bay will be Utilizing his early passion for robots and his proven ability to bring them to life. And users will also be able to build relationships in the new and expanding World built by Jadu’s team of 50+ engineers and creatives.

Furthermore, Jadu is cultivating impactful and original AR gaming experiences that foster community and offer new ways to interact with the world around us.

The Jadu AVA collection is composed of 11,111 total unique AVAs that will be available as NFTs and as playable 3D characters. The entire AVA collection, including those designed by Michael Bay, will be available to players later this year.

Previous collections have sold a combined $30M in secondary sales volume. 

Commenting on the project, Bay said: “Throughout my career, I’ve tried to push many visual boundaries, and augmented reality is the next level to explore in that ongoing endeavor, It’s a fascinating new way to create content and give me a chance to explore this new world, so it feels like a natural evolution to partner with Jadu, who are at the forefront of AR innovation.  It’s been fun to work on creating cool, compelling, interactive robots and machines as avatars.”

About Michael Bay

Michael Bay is an American, he is the producer and director of some of the biggest films of all time. 

He makes massive budget, big concept action films with fast cutting, stylistic cinematography and visuals, and extensive use of special effects.

Some of his most notable work includes the Transformers series, and the Bad Boys series.

The movies Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and all of the Purge movies, among others, are also some of Bay’s work.

 Early in his career, Bay spent most of his post-college time working on various music videos. He worked with Tina Turner, Meat Loaf, Lionel Richie, and more in these ventures.

Before making movies, Bay worked in creating advertisements. He filmed advertisements for many of the world’s biggest companies, including Budweiser, Reebok, Coca-Cola, and Nike.

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