Jocke Larsson Launches Dreamcatcher NFT Collection.

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A Swedish visual artist, Jocke Larsson, also known as JOLAr just launched a new set of NFT collections called “Dreamcatcher” to encourage people to follow their dreams.

About the Dreamcatcher NFT Collection

JOLAr, a visual artist that creates virtual artworks in different styles, released the Dreamcatcher NFT collection which is his first NFT project this year.

The artist also aims to inspire people to go catch their dreams through the release of this NFT collection. 

He started creating the Dreamcatcher NFT in 2019 and finally released the NFT in 2022 after all the changes and fine-tuning that took place.

Each of the four digital artworks in the NFT collection describes a unique story which is evident in all the works of the artist. The artworks consist of the flow, colors, mood, and a deeper purpose.

The buyers of the NFT collection will have access to a print file which will allow them to print the artwork, frame it, and hang them in their houses.

The artist made a statement saying that by inspiring just one person to have confidence in themselves and believe that anything is possible and that it is worth all the effort to chase that dream.

What Makes Jocke’s Artwork Unique?

There is an increase in the creation of digital artworks by different artists but what makes Jocke’s artwork unique is that he adds raw feelings to his works.

For instance, just like the traditional paintings usually done with brushes on a canvas and oil paint, Jocke’s works usually have the same effect. 

The realistic look of the artist’s paintings is what makes his artworks distinct and those interested in traditional artworks will like these kinds of NFTs together with other artworks uploaded on his website.

Interested buyers can purchase the NFT collection on the opensea marketplace for 0.1 ETH per NFT.


Jocke Larsson has just launched an NFT collection that will be a big motivation for people to chase their dreams and not give up.

We hope he achieves his goals and that more people are inspired to follow their dreams against all odds.

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