Kevin Abosch and Sake Company to Launch a Unique NFT Drop

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The famous Irish contemporary artist– Kevin Abosch – has teamed up with Creative Work Studios and the producer at the Japanese Sake company to launch an exclusive NFT drop.

The holders of the NFT collection will have exclusive access to rewards such as limited editions of premium Dassai products from Asahi Shuzo.

What You Need to Know About the New NFT Drop

The artwork features a collection of 777 unique NFT drops by Kevin Abosch. The creation of the artwork was due to the artist’s involvement with a lot of data points connected to Dassai sake brewing and Asahi Shuzo’s values.

Asahi Shuzo will then design exclusive editions of Data sake exclusively for this drop. The holders of the NFT collection will have a chance to receive limited versions of tea life bodies which will be distributed to collectors across the globe.

The NFT drop will launch on the 31st of August 2022. All those who want to be on the whitelist to get early access to the NFT collection can start registering now. 

Those on the whitelist will get the NFT drop for 1.25 ETH instead of the public sale price which will be at 1.5 ETH. Buyers will get the rest of the artworks on first come and first served. 

Also, the NFT project will offer assistance to the Blue Marine Foundation– an NGO that focuses on marine conservation and overfishing.

According to the founder of Creative Work Studios– J Harry Edmiston– the company manages and empowers artists of brands which will in turn raise a community of creators and collectors that share the same values and offer assistance to one another in the blockchain space.

He added that they are also a community built on a shared desire to render valuable, impactful, and meaningful projects that will break boundaries and set a precedent for artistic integrity that is globally aspirational.

About the NFT Artist– Kevin Abosch

Kevin Abosch is an Irish contemporary artist born in 1969 in Los Angeles. His works illustrate the nature and identity of value by asking questions about philosophy.

Kevin Abosch is a prominent digital artist and has largely embraced the NFT space. His artworks feature both traditional and generative design methods.

The artist also merges machine learning algorithms, encryption algorithms, blockchains, and paint which will result in his unique style.

A lot of famous art institutions, museums, and galleries such as the Hermitage Museums, St Petersburg, the National Gallery of Ireland, and the National Gallery of Ireland have showcased Kevin Abosch’s artworks.


This is not the first time the brand is launching an NFT drop, other drops by the brand are in high demand. For example, they realized a total of 843,750 yen ($8,026) from the sales of the previous bottle in an auction that took place in Hong Kong.

On the other hand, Steve Abosch has joined the list of artists that are largely invading the NFT space. Some of these artists include Tyler Hobbs, Damian Hirst, Richard Bernstein Estate, and many others.

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