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By releasing a restricted Alpha version of its mobile game “Defend The Kingdom,” Kingdomverse has made significant progress towards the metaverse.

As the project advances toward a cross-platform metaverse, the game has been made available to all Monkey Kingdom community members.

Kingdomverse is an ecosystem of interesting casual mobile games that welcome new users into its 3D virtual world.

Kingdomverse also places a strong emphasis on interactivity and immersion, and users can take advantage of play-to-earn (P2E) chances in a variety of games.

The first cross-platform metaverse experience will be provided by Kingdomverse, according to Chief Strategy Officer Josh Kovac. 

The first casual game connected to the larger Kingdomverse ecosystem will soon be available for fans to try out, and we are excited about that.

In the realms of Kingdomverse

Players will need to have a strategic attitude to thrive in Kingdomverse. Every user on the platform can build and expand their own Kingdom, which serves as their base of operations.

These Kingdoms offer a wide range of customization options and can be used to engage in combat with other players and win extra rewards.

Every Kingdom has the potential to develop into a neighborhood as additional players join by staking NFTs to become residents.

Citizens will then work together to grow the Kingdom and its conflicts with other players by utilizing the might of their NFTs. Communities can also enjoy mobile games together as Kingdomverse members.

By participating in these games, players can gain in-game items that offer their Kingdom an advantage over adversaries. As a result, the player always has a choice and is in control of their destiny while traveling around Kingdomverse.

Defend The Kingdom

In its debut release, Defend The Kingdom, five-person teams of heroes engage in cooperative or PvP combat as they defend the kingdom from invaders.

During its launch, the game will have play-to-earn elements and a dual-token economy. The Monkey Legend NFT collection will come to life on mobile screens thanks to Defend The Kingdom’s private Alpha.

Additionally, Monkey Legend NFTs holders have the opportunity to win special awards and prizes through the game, including upgrades for their NFTs. Limited-edition cosmetic improvements for NFTs, tangible goods and authorized collectibles are all available as rewards.

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