Lacoste Discord Hit by Hackers!

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Recently Lacoste – a French fashion company – suffered a Discord attack. The hackers were able to carry out their fraudulent action by asking users for an opportunity to see their NFT early. 

Today, lacoste discord announced that the platform is now safe and the case is currently under investigation.

Lacoste Discord Hacked: The attackers MO

The Lacoste fashion brand recently launched its first NFT “UNDW3” (Pronounced as underwater) which features a Crocodile in a pool.

The launching of the “UNDW3” ushered Lacoste into web 3.0. The fashion brand now has a discord server that is active with about 83 thousand members. The hackers chose this server as their target because of their numerical strength.

The admin of the discord group said the hackers sent a clone link of the UNDW3 website. If any member clicks the link, they lose their assets to the wallet of the hacker.

The hacker tricked the members by telling them that they wanted a possibility to see their NFT first. When Lacoste discovered the attack, the server deleted all the accounts that could pose a threat to the server.

Although it seems like Lacoste follows the security protocols of discord, it only takes a little vulnerability in the blockchain for hackers to attack. 


The Lacoste discord has promised to investigate the discord to prevent similar occurrences. 

The rate of hacking is increasing greatly because of the number of people involved. About 1.7 million worth of NFT was siphoned from the open sea platform in February. 

Before you click any link on discord, do well to cross-check and make sure that the link is genuine and does not pose any threat.

Also, If you see any suspicious activity on the discord, you can also notify the admin so that they will investigate to see if there is any danger knocking.

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