Lacoste Launches New NFT Project “Undw3”

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A French Fashion company Lacoste entered a new era with its NFT project Undw3 pronounced underwater.

The Lacoste brand is famous for its crocodile logo. The newly launched NFT collection is also represented by a crocodile which shows its connection to Web 3.0.

More about the Lacoste “Undw3” NFT

The collection has 11, 212 crocodile NFT collectibles, attributed to the Lacoste L1212 T-Shirt. The NFT was released on June 14 and the brand stated on its Twitter account that NFTs were sold out quickly at 0.08 ETH. This makes the NFT high in demand with its floor price currently sitting at 0.245 ETH. 

The Lacoste NFT has already made a total of about 815 ETH from its sales. Currently, the only available place to get the Lacoste NFT is the open sea website.

 The chief brand officer of Lacoste– Catherine Spindler– commented on the company’s page about the NFT. She said that the creation of Undw3 attests to the company’s desire to accompany decentralization driven by Web 3.0. Catherine Spindler also stated that the NFT collection is a rallying sign in the world.

Benefits of the Undw3 NFT

Before the release of the “Undw3” NFT, Lacoste mentioned the benefits that are available to the holders of the NFT. Some of these benefits include; access to the Lacoste DAO, access to exclusive services and other activities, the ability to make contributions on the DAO platform e.t.c.

Lacoste aims to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual realms. Therefore, the NFT holders have a say and can always contribute their ideas toward the progress and advancement of the community.

Final Thoughts

The involvement of brands and industries in Web 3.0 will keep rising as more people will be inspired by the progression of other brands in the blockchain space.

Lacoste experienced huge progress since the launching of the Undw3 NFT, the DAO already has up to 8577 members.

With this improvement, there is no doubt that the involvement of Lactose in NFT will serve as a stepping stone for the brand. This will also lead to the introduction of more people into the digital space.

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