Lotus Cars, NFT pro and Ripple Collaborate to Launch NFT

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UK based automobile company, Lotus cars announced that it will work with NFT pro and Ripple for its first NFT collection. According to the arrangement, NFT Pro will provide web3 service support while Ripple will serve as a blockchain partner and technical support XRP ledger (XRPL). 

Why Lotus Launched Into Web 3.0

Earlier this year, Lotus cars launched a new business division called Lotus Advanced Performance. This division is responsible for delivering fascinating and high-quality vehicles as well as top rated customer services.

Amazingly, this new division decided to make NFTs a new innovative project. Through Lotus’s involvement in web 3.0, it plans to give its customers a whole new and exciting experience that will usher them into the digital environment. 

Lotus cars also aim to create a community of Lotus fans, customers, and NFT collectors. In addition to this, the community promised to give exclusive rewards to holders of the upcoming Lotus NFT. In the end, the collaboration between Lotus and Ripple signifies the beginning of Lotus’s involvement in the web 3.0 space. But is there a reason behind the choice of partners in this foray into the web3 scene?

Why Lotus Chose to Partner With NFT Pro and Ripple

Although several blockchains such as Ethereum and Solana have gained popularity amongst crypto faithful, Lotus still chose to settle with Ripple as a blockchain partner. This decision stems from the fact that Ripple has an ultra-fast, low-cost, and carbon-neutral blockchain ledger (XRPL). Now as for bringing NFT pro into the mix. Lotus chose them because of their experience and expertise in the field of NFTs. And this experience will guarantee the delivery of memorable content to their digital community. 

Simon Lane, the Director of Lotus Advance Performance commented on the partnership with Ripple and NFT pro. He said:

“Lotus has always been at the cutting edge of innovation and entry into web 3.0 space in this way with a true customer-focused NFT program is another excellent example of that.”

Lane also added that. “Partnering with NFT Pro, a real expert in this field means we are guaranteed to deliver truly memorable content for a new digital community of Lotus fans”.

Furthermore, Lane believes that Lotus chose NFT Pro to enable it to make a seamless entry into the world of web 3.

NFT Pro on the other hand is also pleased to partner with Lotus. Christian Ferri the CEO of NFT Pro spoke highly of the collaboration. He said 

“It’s a privilege to partner with the iconic British Automotive brand and to help the Lotus Advanced Performance Team connect with a new generation of fans. This announcement is only the beginning of this collaboration”.


The Lotus brand is yet to announce the date for the launching of its debut NFT but it obliges the public to anticipate the evolution of this project.

As the iconic automotive brand stepped into web 3. It will inspire more brands to be more interested in the digital space thereby expanding the tech space.

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