Mark Zuckerberg Mints His Little League Baseball Card as NFT

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Mark Zuckerberg put his little league baseball card together with its NFT version is up for sale.

This is a good opportunity for all those who desire to own a signed baseball card from Mark Zuckerberg when he was eight years old.

Mark Zuckerberg Little League Baseball Card Is Up For Auction

Instagram now has a new feature that enables users to connect their wallets and upload their NFTs on their page.

Mark Zuckerberg has converted his little league baseball card into an NFT and is now up for auction as a way to showcase the new feature.

He will also auction the NFT together with the original version of the card. In the year 1992, when Zuckerberg was just eight years old, he handed over the card to his camp counselor who is now auctioning it.

According to the comic book store that brokered the sale of the NFTs, Mark Zuckerberg designed the card in 1992 and handed it over to his favorite camp counselor– AllieTarantino.

Allie received the gift and jokingly asked Zuckerberg to sign it like a professional baseball player.

In a statement, Allie Tarantino said he has been telling the story of how he knew Zuckerberg as a camper for a while now and it has always made people surprised that the card is still available.

Allie added that he feels that part of the story is over since Zuckerberg is a renowned figure in the tech world and he figured that now is a good time to sell the card and make it available on the market.

Instagram Is Extending NFT Support to Over 100 Countries

In May, Instagram announced that only a selected group of artists could post their NFTs on their social media site. 

According to Instagram, this was done to promote the experiences of NFT artists that are making use of NFT technologies to govern their work and gain monetary value.

On the 4th of August, Instagram announced that it is extending this experience to over 100 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and America.

In addition to this, the social media platform is allowing users to post NFTs built on the file blockchain together with the incorporation of Dapper and Coinbase wallets.

Now, users will only have to connect their wallets to Instagram to upload their digital collectible. The platform support third-party wallets such as Metamask, Rainbow, Trust wallet, Dapper wallet, and Coinbase wallet.

Also, the blockchains supported include Ethereum, polygon, and Flow. There are no charges for posting digital collectibles on Instagram.


Zuckerberg’s little league baseball card has just been brought into the limelight after over 30 years. This will be a good chance for fans to claim it and become part of this remarkable history.

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