Meta Begins Display of NFT Options With Select Creators in the US

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Meta recently started the display of NFT collectibles with a selected group of creators. This comes just when people thought that the interests of individuals in the NFT market were declining gradually.

Meta’s Product Manager Shares Screenshot of New Digital Collectibles

Meta recently started testing the display of NFT collections. It created a new tab where the creators selected by Facebook can upload their NFT artworks. And the uploaded artwork will be termed “digital collectibles”.

The product manager of Meta– Navdeep Singh– shared screenshots of the digital collectibles on Twitter. The screenshots are in such a way that when you click the NFT post, you will see some of the information you need about the artwork such as the name of the collection and the artist that designed it.

According to reports, Meta will not be charging users for uploading or sharing NFTs on the platform. 

Meta Initially Disclosed Plans to Allow Users to Display NFT on its Platform 

The new display of NFTs on the Meta platform took place after Meta announced that it had plans to allow users to showcase and sell NFTs on Facebook and Instagram earlier this year. 

Meta collaborated with Ethereum, Flow, Solana, and polygon networks to make this possible.

To upload NFTs on the platforms, users will have to connect their wallets as proof of ownership for their NFTs.

In an Instagram Q and A section that took place last year, Adam Mosseri, a leader at Instagram was asked what his thoughts on incorporating NFTs into Instagram were. 

He replied by saying that there was nothing to announce yet but Meta was actively exploring NFTs and looking for ways to make them available to a broader audience.

Looking Ahead

According to Mark Zukerberg, Meta plans to create 3D or Augmented Reality (AR) NFTs which they will include on Instagram stories.

To facilitate this, the company bought renewable energy to foster the impact of NFTs on the environment. 

Meta also aims to implement the cross-posting of NFTs across Facebook and Instagram in the future.

The number of creators that can showcase their products on Meta platforms is gradually increasing as the company says the roll-out of NFTs will take place slowly starting with a selected group of creators in the US.

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