Meta NFT Launch Moves the NFT Market Positively

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In spite of the market rumbles, Some good news from the Meta NFT launch moved the market positively. Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon (MATIC) went up by 17 percent on Friday on the heels of robust volumes and good news movement. With reports of Meta (formerly known as Facebook) having started the distributing of NFTs to some US content creators on its main social network. These discussed NFTs are mostly based on Ethereum and Polygon blockchain.

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency asset climbed as much as $1,105 in a single day, from its 24-hour low of $1.010 on Friday 1st July. However, it was trading at $1,067.81 when prices were last updated at 15:15 IST on Friday.

Despite investors appearing concerned, the buying and selling volumes of Ether rose by 15 per cent over the previous 24 hours as the value of Ether climbed to more than $18.4 billion.

The cryptocurrency Polygon, which trades for about $0.60 per coin, soared over 17% to $0.4597 from $0.4224 on Tuesday. However, at the same time, it reduced its beneficial characteristics by more than half to $0.4743.

Decrypt a ConsenSys-funded crypto news site, stated that Meta will speedily bear NFTs on Solana and Flow in the future.

Meta Product Manager Navdeep Singh took to his Twitter handle to share what NFTs will look like on Facebook.

“We’re launching NFTs on Facebook! Excited to share what I’ve been working on with the world.

Customers may have a “digital collectables” tab on their Facebook profiles where they can show off their NFTs, unique blockchain tokens that represent ownership, according to the article.”

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